5 financial abundance habits you don’t know to get you the income you desire with Raechelle Minney
5 financial abundance habits you don’t know to get you the income you desire with Raechelle Minney

This is an interview with Raechelle Minney, a financial abundance coach, real state investor, entrepreneur and educator. She spent 15 years leading clients and other financial advisors toward the principles of financial wellness. 

There are five financial abundance habits that she pointed out as the main highlight of her discussion. First , is the ability to understand and embody that you are already abundant in love, joy, peace, and financial well-being on which only a few were able to acknowledge and identify. Your ways will start to shift and improve if you believe, trust and turn small actions into behaviours every single day of your life.

The second is focusing on your financial vision and the habit of continuity to stay focused.  It will bring you an easier sense of peace if you constantly bring out the best version of yourself instead of sticking to all the worries and how to get things done which are more likely to entice problems attached to it. Remember that quantum physics is the ability to play in possibility from an energetic standpoint.

Next is the third one, which is letting the money flow. Allowing yourself to feel the state of being gratified rather than the state of being in guilt, scarcity or shame when it comes to the circulation of your finances will help you enable the possibility of generating more income in your life. Set your mind and make it your powerful tool.

The fourth one, creating some form of accountability or mentorship. It is a matter of seeking out someone or the people close to you who you see is good with money. Have a sit-down and learn how they managed their finances the right way using methods that you are oblivious about. Always believe that you can get knowledge from the counsel of many.The last part is to have the mindset to understand and create multiple sources of income by adopting all financial abundance habits. Just do the things that you love and be purposeful. Eventually, it will create a whole new bunch of resources.

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🤓 Financial Abundance coach, real estate investor, entrepreneur and educator, Raechelle has spent the last 15 years leading clients and other financial advisors to uncover their why with money. She has spent thousands of hours guiding and educating on what principles of financial wellness are and how to use money as a tool to create security and freedom to live out a dream life.

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