Beaver Theme Review: WordPress Theme Builder Features, Pros & Cons

With the many WordPress theme builders out there, it can be difficult to choose which one to use for your website. Among all of these WordPress theme builders, Beaver Theme is one of the latest additions to the family. If you’re looking for an easy-to-use and affordable WordPress theme builder, check out this Beaver Theme review to find out more about this WordPress theme builder features and the Beaver Theme pros and cons. 

Beaver Theme Review

Beaver Builder Homepage

What is Beaver Theme?

Beaver Theme is a paid for page builder with a Standard, Pro, and Agency version available for purchase. It is the official theme of the Beaver Builder team, who also make the Beaver Builder plugins. Similarly to other page builder plugins, Beaver Theme provides an easy to use interface and hundreds of premade templates that you can use to create your site.

Beaver Theme Features

Theme Templates

Beaver Theme has theme templates that allow you to create layouts for things like your blog archive, CPTs, WooCommmerce Products, and your 404 page. There are a wide range of templates to use for your page to choose from and all are very customisable.

As mentioned earlier, Beaver Theme allows you to connect your data and reuse layouts infinitely. These layouts have already been pre-designed so all you have to do is adjust the styling to match your brand. You can create a section on your own and reuse it whenever you want.

Theme Parts

With Beaver Theme, theme parts let you create partial layouts like headers and footers and display them on all or just some of the pages on your site. The ability to adjust and edit parts of a theme however you want can enable you to make the template all your own. 

You can pull parts from any other theme available and place them any way you want. This allows you to mix and match any theme for that personal touch.

Dynamic Data

Does the data you use ever become outdated? Do you need to update your page every few months?

Beaver Theme has a solution for that with its ability to produce dynamic data, updating in real time. Field connections let you plug your theme templates and parts into the underlying data in each page or post.

The field connections bind your module or row settings directly to the data you need so a single layout can apply to multiple posts, pages, or custom post types. No more needing to worry if your information is up to date because it will always be updating.

Post Grids 

You can take your archive and blog pages to the next level with full control over how each post in a list or grid gets displayed. Beaver Theme allows you to fully format how and in what order you show all of your posts.

This tool will help guide viewers to important information in organised chunks to get them to know you and what your page is about.


Make your experience to the next level by combining Beaver Theme with Beaver Builder. While you can use either separately, you are able to combine both. Beaver Theme has dozens of templates to choose from for your blog, business, and so much more.

Beaver Theme Standard vs Pro vs Agency

Beaver Builder demo

Beaver has a good standard version that comes with a lot of the essential widgets you need to get your website started if you are using wordpress. You can easily start creating landing pages and websites with the standard version. The pro version will come with some extra bonuses such as:

  • The Beaver Builder Theme
  • Multisite Capabilities
  • The agency version will also come with white labeling.

Beaver Builder Pricing 

Beaver Builder Pricing

The Standard plan is at $99/ year.

The Pro plan is at $199/ year.

The Agency Plan is $399/ year. 

After your first year, all renewals will come at a 40% discount. 

Beaver Theme Pros

  • Beaver Theme is simple and easy to use.
  • It includes beautiful and uncluttered premade templates that will help you speed up the design process.
  • You can reorder archives and posts however you want.
  • Dynamic data integration.
  • Allows for custom parts to use in designing.

Beaver Theme Cons

  • Beaver Theme is a plugin for Beaver Beaver, so without upgrading to pro it will be a simpler software in the standard version.
  • Missing a few widgets to edit with the minor details.


Beaver Theme is an excellent theme plugin to use in any version. If you are only looking to create one website, then the standard version of Beaver Theme will no doubt deliver a pleasant experience. Beaver Theme will keep things simple, even with advanced design options. Beaver Theme does an excellent job to make itself easy to use for anyone.



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