Develop an Entrepreneurial Mindset with Charlene Walters
Develop an Entrepreneurial Mindset with Charlene Walters

This is the interview of Charlene Walters. An entrepreneurship coach, mentor of the business, trainer, and author of launch your inner entrepreneur. She created a digital entrepreneurship MBA program.

MBA Program is about working with entrepreneurs and helping them do things in a more practical way. This is to make their marketing and business plans excel.

To have an entrepreneurial mindset is pursuing the right attitude and persistence to keep moving forward.  This is a challenging journey.  It takes hard work and getting comfortable with risk.

In the very beginning, the giant leap, which is the biggest risk of all, is jumping right to it. She favours that people start as a side hustle. That way, it’s less stressful, and it’s not as risky. They still have some money coming in while they’re formulating their business. And to those who suffer from imposter syndrome, the feeling of being irrelevant to other entrepreneurs out there, be confident. How? She said to make a list of your achievements when you are feeling bad. It’s about reframing your mindset  to look at it not as a failure, but as an opportunity to learn something new.

There are things to consider before launching your business. And one of them is knowing your expertise and what you are passionate about. It is important to identify which business is fit for you based on your interest. Start by studying the market competition with similar businesses and see where you can fill the gap to your target audience.

Streamlining is an important aspect for entrepreneurs. For this reason, it helps you to organize your stuff so that you can take little micro-steps moving forward. Besides that is the importance of time management.

Here are a few tips from Charlene about time management:

  • Dedicate certain hours to your business 6-8 hours a day only. It would be best if you were well-rested to focus on other areas in your life that will make you better at the business.
  • Have some quality time with your family, and don’t get burnt out.
  • Set two or three major goals you want to do every day, and then blocking out some time on your calendar turns off your email notifications
  • Try putting your phone away from you to be less tempted and more focused on your task.

Entrepreneurship means having a flexible schedule. But, it is also important how to divide your time. So you can give your presence to different aspects of life that need you.

Charlene Walters, MBA, PhD, is an entrepreneurship coach, business and branding mentor, trainer and author of Launch Your Inner Entrepreneur. Charlene created a digital entrepreneurship MBA program. She serves as a mentor on Entrepreneur magazine’s “Ask an Expert” forum and through her own consulting business (Charlene Walters, MBA, PhD, LLC), is featured among other CEOs, Influencers and Celebrities on the BAM Network and was recently selected as one of 150 Marketers to Follow by Rubicly.

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