Goal Setting For Success with Katie Wilson

Katie is the founder of exceptional beginnings, coaching, which is a transformational coaching service for female business owners.

It all started when she left her corporate job and became a founder of exceptional beginnings coaching. She offers coaching for female business owners. The main topic was about creating goals for success and methods for reaching those goals.

“Probably take you back about maybe just over 10 years ago. Basically, my background is uh corporate, so i worked in uh sales, marketing and business development. I worked for a long time for xerox um based in the uk, but i looked after um.Their business, the last job – i did – i looked after their business development program for the UK and Ireland and then i helped roll that out worldwide um. So it was really really good fun. I absolutely loved it.”

Katie also described how mental health played a role in her career change.

         “ I do suffer with bipolar um and which is a mental health condition um and with the challenges that that brought me um, i was ready to leave the corporate environment, and i did so about 10 to 11 years ago, and that’s, where my entrepreneurial journey began.”

Another reason behind her change in career was authenticity. Katie wanted to give people the information they need to succeed instead of offering quick money making schemes.

“There are a lot of charlatans out there who are peddling. You can have a six-figure business in three months and you can do this and you can do that, but the reality of it is that. You need reputable people to to guide you on your journey. Talking about my business and loving it, i do enjoy it. You know yeah yeah, directing people to the right resources.”

Her goal was to avoid making false promises and help young business owners learn through practical advice such as goal setting. Many people get stuck on trying to do too much. Katie suggested that creating daily and monthly goals for yourself. She also stressed the importance of balancing work and home life.

“What i do do is i’m very good at time management, so uh i tend to wake up very early in the morning, so i try and get ahead of the game. So first thing in the morning i have a real structured morning routine. Do the same thing: every morning i get up. Have a cup of coffee? Do my social media? You know post for the day, do what i need to do for the day check my emails. Do all of those kind of things then jump in the shower.”

Her goal is to have structure in each day and also structure how each month to year will play out. Many young business owners soon realize that time is the most important thing. The most successful ones are able to manage time. It is a skill that is learned over time which is why Katie is so passionate about her coaching. It might seem like a simple thing to write you tasks for the next day. The psychological benefit of setting goals is huge.

“I will write my goals for that month. Normally i do it maybe advance in advance of that um and i’ll. Do it. I’ve, probably planned out about six months worth of now um and then, like i say, i break that down into tasks and then assign that into my diary, but every day i check in with myself.”

“I found a quote, which i really loved by a a very famous entrepreneur and marketeer called seth godin, and he said the people who get things done, who lead and grow and who make an impact. Those people have goals, and i think that’s really powerful.”

Katie pointed out that when you accomplish your goal you should celebrate. Not only does this reinforce your motivation but it also creates a sense of accomplishment that you can look back on. It helps your brain associate your goals as attainable. One of her biggest points was accountability.

“Coaching and accountability, partners and mastermind groups and networking groups where the power of those are is that you don’t feel alone.”

So to summarize, making time management your priority and to make sure to have a mentor or coach for accountability. Having someone to guide and encourage you will go along way for new business owners.

🤓 Katie Wilson is the founder of Exceptional Beginnings Coaching which is a transformational coaching service for female business owners.

😍 Follow Katie: https://www.instagram.com/exceptionalbeginningscoaching Facebook.com/ExceptionalBeginnings


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