How to become Wedding and Event planners & Pivoting into virtual events with Courtney Lutkus
How to become Wedding and Event planners & Pivoting into virtual events with Courtney Lutkus

This is a Courtney Lutkus interview. The founder of simply radiant events, a premier food service, special event, planning, and design company based in California, has been named best in the city for her event, as well as the top three planners in Newport Beach and other areas.

She believes that becoming an event planner is embedded to her. She began her career in fundraising events before deciding to start her own business six years later. She then shifted her attention to corporate activities, baby showers, and birthday parties, along with many other things. They design stuff and create it for her clients in a spectacular way.

The events industry offers many opportunities for creative people. They bring someone’s idea to life, which is both fun and exciting.

The car dealership, where she had to bring in a vintage trailer, was an unforgettable experience in events that she would never forget. Someone is playing music next to a fake campfire. She describes the day as a “campy beachy.” She also loves working on a smaller scale, such as when new elements are added to an event at the last minute, which challenges her creativity.

Some event planners have jumped to virtual events in times of pandemic, but Courtney decided to evaluate the situation first. She appreciates the opportunity to learn something entirely new and enjoyable. Hiring various individuals, such as comedians, tarot readers, and others is one of her key tasks during virtual events.

Events have so many different aspects, which is one of the things that makes them so interesting and amazing. She said that if you’re feeling stressed, think about what you’re good at and what you’re passionate about. Find the one avenue that you believe will be ideal for you. The market will advise you to try a few different projects, and it is always worth a shot because every opportunity is worth preparing for and learning about.

She recommended that if anyone can afford it, they take a course because it not only teaches you a lot of the basics that you may not know you’re missing, but it also makes things a lot simpler. It will also give you a huge network of other planners that are a support system. Other planners can offer internships as well as opportunities to learn how to write a business plan and market it. Her most clients have come from SEO through her website, connections  and network made along the way, which contributes a huge part of the industry.

The key to planning events is the ability to be prepared and understand the platform. Furthermore, virtual events can be both a hindrance and an opportunity. It’s an advantage because you can speak to people all over the world but it’s also a disadvantage because there’s a lot of noise. And you’ve got to be able to get the attention of the right people to show them what’s in it for them.

Virtual events must have a personal touch and have a personal aspect. So she organized a happy hour for each audience, with all of the speakers present, so that everyone could get all of their questions answered and communicate. It should be a highly interactive experience. Another way is to send them virtual goodie bags, which may include things like planners and other personal items that they would have received if they attended a personal event.

You may also host an interactive event, such as a cooking demonstration,  or where everyone can send their favorite cocktail and the mixologist would choose one, with the winner receiving a prize. And so many more fun ideas.

Courtney is the Founder of Simply Radiant Events a Southern California-based premier full-service special event planning and design company.
Being named Best in the City for her event planning company, Top 3 Planners in Newport Beach, Citizen of the Year for the City of Westminster, Woman Making a Different by Senator Lou Correa, and Leader in Community Engagement by University, California of Irvine, has put Courtney and Simply Radiant Events on the map as a sought out event planner & design in Orange County.

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