How to connect with your perfect clients using Podcast guesting with Kristīne Barviķe
How to connect with your perfect clients using Podcast guesting with Kristīne Barviķe

This interview with Kristīne Barviķe. She helps purpose-driven female entrepreneurs gain more exposure, achieve actual expert status, and grow their businesses by helping them get on perfectly aligned podcasts in their niche.

This interview is all about connecting with your ideal clients by using podcast guesting as a business marketing strategy.

There are currently over two million podcasts, and the number is growing day by day. And the unique aspect of podcasts is that their audience is simply incredible due to the high level of engagement and trust.

In her opinion, there is no better media that can provide an uninterrupted connection between you and your clients, as well as the audience. Basically, you will have 40 minutes to share your story, valuable knowledge, and expertise on Podcast. It is just right for connecting meaningfully in a more profound way than any other media because it allows you to do so many interviews as a collaboration, joint projects, and the options are limitless.

There are several methods for researching and pitching shows. The first and most basic method is to use Google search. For example, if you type in looking for female entrepreneurship podcasts within a specific niche, what comes up are the biggest and most popular shows; from there, simply start segueing off the shows because there is a segment of listeners who subscribe to the same nature and messaging which is aligned to yours. Research your newly discovered potential names and decide which one is the best fit for you. It’s a bit more time consuming but a great way to start.

In addition, in order to pitch to the right people, you should look for their ratings and reviews, for which she recommends Apple, Itunes and as platforms. She recommended podcast guesting for those who have no publicity and are just starting out.  You can also use, which displays the listen score and an estimated percentage of how popular the show is. 

The second strategy for pitching a show is to conduct a social media search, connect with the people who resonated with you, and read their content because there is a good chance they have their podcasts because podcasting is on the rising trend. And if you notice an alignment with the messaging, save it to your Instagram collection.

Pitch yourself in a warm approach.  Start engaging with that person on social media and cultivate an authentic relationship. As a result, they will be able to help you in finding your next lead.

She suggests sending your pitch via email. Check their website to see if they have a podcast submission form; this is to show your appreciation for the fact that they have the form and that you took the time to go through the process.

Pitching should begin with an icebreaker; never mention the host or show name, even if it is time consuming, you will get the results you need. She also suggests that you share what specific things you liked about the show and what particular things resonated with you because it shows that you listened and always come from a place of service.

It’s important to present yourself in your best light, but it’s also important to mention what you can bring to the table, what topics you can provide to that person’s audience that will be of value to them, so always keep it in mind. Simply consider how you can add value and help that person. However, still, don’t forget to include your social media handles and previous podcast appearances. It should be no more than 500 words, preferably less.

Leave a five-star review, share it with your friends, share a screenshot, and show some love because the hosts appreciate it.

Kristine has two different types of media sheets. One is an internal document she created for herself that is simply a PDF document to be used when she is in contact with the hosts.  She urged against sending emails with attachments because they could end up in spam. This is one of the most common reasons why you don’t get a response because people are unlikely to open an email from an unknown email address with an attachment.

Create a landing page as a media sheet. It takes more effort, but you can share additional topics about which you can speak. You can share your previous media appearances in a very attractive way, add your branding, and already include your booking link.

If you are serious about podcast guesting, you should create an online media kit, such as a landing page.

On the day of your recording, take a brief photo of yourself and the host and share it on your IG stories to give your audience a sneak peek of what you’re up to. It’s a fantastic way to show your love and support for the show.

Also, there are no rules that say you can’t promote an episode even if it’s been a few weeks. Basically, you can still share it as a fantastic resource for yourself and direct people to it.

It will also add value to your episode if you engage in a conversation with each other prior to the episode. To understand both stories, life journeys, personality types, and values, rather than just the business fit or business niche, because the little things will really matter. It is important that the person who contacts you on your behalf understands and connects with you.

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Kristīne helps purpose-driven female entrepreneurs gain more exposure, reach a true expert status, and grow their business by helping them get on perfectly aligned podcasts in their niche.
She also is a wife, young mom, purpose-driven entrepreneur, freedom seeker, and ultimate podcast junkie!
Kristīne started her online business journey as many women and moms do – she wanted more freedom, flexibility, and to make a bigger impact by helping others!

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