How to convert your audience into paying clients using Instagram stories with Tori Overmyer
How to convert your audience into paying clients using Instagram stories with Tori Overmyer

This is an interview with Tori Overmyer. She specializes in organic Instagram growth and social selling. The discussion will be about how to convert your audience into paying clients using Instagram stories and other Instagram marketing tips and strategy.

The majority of people spend their time on Instagram stories, and the competition is tough. Now, in order to stand out, Tori mentioned two of the most important things that matter to her. That is to make sure that your Instagram account has a balanced mix of personal and business-related content.

People want to be entertained and to be connected to you, especially when it comes to stories. They won’t return for more if your content is solely business-related and contains no personal information. Also, if you do not share enough business-related content, people will feel connected to you but may not be aware of what you have to offer. And this is where she wants to help her clients in developing a strategy that will allow them to continuously provide fun content that will encourage people to connect with them and return.

 She made a list of her boundaries to avoid oversharing on Instagram. The best examples of the things she doesn’t post anything about is when she is upset and matters related to that. Everyone has various boundaries and things they’re alright with and not comfortable with, but she believes it’s important to be clear with yourself about what those are.

She also suggests creating personal content buckets, which might be three to five things, to keep your audience entertained. A list of content topics related to your business that you will discuss about or show on your stories on a regular basis.

She advised people who aren’t used to being in front of the camera to get it done as soon as possible because the quicker you do it, the more comfortable you will get. A video is also the most effective way for your audience to interact with you and gain trust.

When it comes to building an engagement, she recommends starting with the basics, such as the slidey bar and pole, and working your way up to asking them to dm you eventually. It’s also not a good idea to put stickers on your stories all the time, avoid doing the same thing too often, and minimize creating too much predictability. Use it only when it’s applicable.

There are three attraction marketing strategies she shared to attract clients, the first of which is your personal content, this allows people to connect with you. Second, showcase how you can embody them online, what are the things you do in your business or in your everyday life that your client wishes they were doing, and so on. The third step is to ensure that you are very responsive, commenting on other people’s posts, and responding to comments and direct messages. Don’t be afraid to interact with others on social media.

When she personally sells,  it’s going to be a hard launch. She plans ahead by strategically warming up her audience by discussing the benefits of her offer. It’s also important that you get to know your client and speak to what they’re struggling with online to provide a solution. Also, don’t just talk about pain points; talk about pleasure points as well, and tap into the emotion of how they’ll feel if they achieve the results they want after working with you.

The kind of content she used which is her favourite is the differentiator. It is content on which you get on your story and talk about what makes your offer unique. Speak clearly to your audience about why they should pick you out of other millions of people.

She also believes that highlights are essential. You can create membership courses or save information on your clients’ tertiary educations, experiences, or anything else you believe someone new to your page might be interested in learning.

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Tori Overmyer is a 6 figure business coach for other coaches. She also is a wife, dog mama, and reality TV lover. Tori helps women create and sell their offers on Instagram to grow a thriving online business. She specializes in organic Instagram growth and social selling

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