How to Create Content that can be repurposed easily & 3 aspects of great content with Kabrina Budwel
How to Create Content that can be repurposed easily & 3 aspects of great content with Kabrina Budwel

This is an interview with Kabrina. She is the founder of Kabrina Budwell consulting firm that focuses on helping their clients create, capture and nurture subscribers into paying clients prizes in lead magnets, quizzes, messenger, bots, and files to develop automation opportunities in the businesses that she works.

They are focusing on how to automate business processes. As a result, instead of spending nearly 24 hours a day on their computer, people can focus on what they want to do. They developed specific strategies and systems for other business owners.

You’ll have the main content and repurposed content. So, the ultimate aim is to have remarkable, outstanding, and rich main content. So, the short-form content should be extracted from the long-form content like blogs, podcasts, and speaking on stages. Rather than making Instagram mini blogs that are insignificant to you, she suggested trying Instagram reels. And the club talks all this stuff out of that bit of content. It is hard to give a solid and tons of good content in a 15-second reel or a 15-second story.

For greater content, consider the three C’s: certainty, clarity, and confidence. We always want to make sure that the contents are aligned, useful, and unique for the sake of certainty. Clarity also entails telling an engaging story, being findable, and ensuring that the branding is on point. For confidence, it’s actionable and consistent. For confidence, it’s actionable and consistent. She suggests that you keep doing the same thing and perfecting it before you figure out whether it’s working for you or not. We are all creative individuals capable of a variety of tasks.

Also, aligned content is going to come from your branding. So, rather than thinking of marketing as a single piece of the puzzle, think of it as an umbrella under which branding, content, and the purpose for which you want to do something are all housed.

It’s all there. All you have to do now is find out how to put it all together. Kabrina’s ideals and identity as an individual and her business are reflected in her goods and services. So you can get it out there in the world, but then you’ll get bored ripping off over and over again. It’s just a part of owning a business, and not everybody has one. Create a long-lasting company by focusing on the people in the story rather than experimenting with various funnels.

According to her, people can remain on your list for around a year and a half before purchasing from your email list, so don’t be discouraged because it might be just the start. Consider how you can improve your business and then focus on it.

Furthermore, it is essential to understand how you engage with your audience, how you have the appropriate call to action, and how they can connect to you. Always make sure you’re targeting the right demographic and audience.

 The idea of repurposing is creating something bigger and then making it smaller. Make it a habit to review your analytics once a month to see if you can improve or alter little details for the greater good.

So one of the things she advises for all her clients to do with podcasting is to have a podcast that can also be used as a video. As a result, you now have two long-form pieces of content. Then you could turn it into a blog post, and you’d have three long-form pieces of material. You could drive people through pinterest pins, instagram posts, tick tock, video reels, and all of the other smaller content that you are creating.

Lastly, she recommended a few resources that can assist you and your business in growing, such as a Pinterest board, a Convert Kit, and Get Guru.

🤓 Kabrina Budwell is the founder of Kabrina Budwell Consulting, a consulting firm that focuses on helping her clients create, capture, and nurture Subscribers into paying Clients. She specializes in lead magnets, quizzes, Messenger Bots, and funnels in order to create automation and scaling opportunities in the businesses that she works with.

She takes the scary overwhelm out of technology to show you how systems can work together and make your business run smoother and your life easier.

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