How to get started, Use Pinterest for your business and get maximum return with Rozsa Karmen
How to get started, Use Pinterest for your business and get maximum return with Rozsa Karmen

This is an interview with Rozsa Karmen. A pinterest strategist specializing in tailored strategies design and analytics for brands, e-commerce stores and bloggers. She will share about how to use Pinterest for your business model, relevant KPIs, getting maximum return and how to get started on Pinterest as a beginner.

Karmen comes from the world of design. She has been designing hotels for the past four years and working as a fashion stylist for the past eight years. She assists other entrepreneurs and business owners in determining how to best leverage Pinterest. She simply wanted everyone to know about her ideas and share them with others, which is why she started a blog back then.

She wanted to work with Pinterest because, at first, she didn’t want to show her face. She would rather understand design, fashion, and anything else that people might be interested in. Her will is to showcase her work without having to be in the picture. She considered Pinterest as a great platform because you can show what you’re doing while remaining professional.

There are numerous platforms available for making money, including Google and Pinterest, both of which are excellent.

You keep posting because you’re consistent, and you know you’re climbing the algorithm, which means you’re driving free traffic to your website. You build backlinks and basically strengthen your offsite SEO, which means you know every single image or video you post will be clickable.

She said that any pin you make on Pinterest will have a backlink or a landing page. You’ll be able to click out, and these are known as rich pins. You can add a link to it and drive traffic that way. If you have a story pin, you can’t connect out of it. But, it will likely happen soon because they want to promote them and will need a way to connect them out to do so. This is a really powerful thing to do because you can use pinterest to make money from advertising or affiliates if you have a blog.

Story pins can help you a lot if you are a design-driven page, you will see an increase within your organic reach which she witnessed with her clients that started 2,000 pages views a month and now are over 7000. It’s a specific landing page or post, but story pins can also be useful. If you are service-based, you can start posting videos of what you do, and they will rank high there, which Pinterest is constantly pushing. Even if you’re just getting started and getting very few views and clicks on your photos and videos, stick to images because they get more clicks, however, if you start posting story pins, you’ll ascend the algorithm faster. 

So if you’re a service-based company, this can be extremely beneficial because you’re already present and customers are browsing. They will have more opportunities to see you. You’ll be more noticeable, and you’ll be able to explain what you’re doing and show off your services.

Pinterest story pin, according to Karmen, is the smarter sister of Instagram stories because it allows you to add up to 20 slides to a single story. You can mix and match photos and videos on pins, and each video can be up to a minute long. It’s perfect because it doesn’t have a 24-hour expiration date. It’s there to help you create traffic, and you can save it to specific boards.

So her advice to everyone starting is to create a business profile because that’s how you’ll be able to see the analytics and everything else that goes into setting up your account with the first boards and other businesses.

Know who your competitors are and check their Pinterest and have a look at their portfolio or profile. You will get ideas for setting up your boards that are a mix of evergreen content and seasonal content which you based on what your competitors do. It’s not a copy, but rather an attempt to do something better based on what we see is already working for them and applying it to your context. It’s just as important to understand the business model and find the right KPIs for it, as well as to incorporate e-commerce into the mix because that’s a new thing with Pinterest and it’s extremely strong. You can start circulating people on Pinterest; you don’t have to rely on people leaving the platform because you can integrate your shop with the platform.

Here are some keywords to consider: competition, analyze your audience and your intentions.

Furthermore, if you’re doing design, it should be pleasing to the eye, exclusive, and interesting, with your logo at the bottom. Always make your intent easy to read and attention-grabbing. 

🤓 Karmen is a Pinterest Strategist specializing in tailored strategies, design and analytics for brands, ecommerce stores and bloggers.

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