How to navigate your nutrition while building a thriving business with Kate Lyman
How to navigate your nutrition while building a thriving business with Kate Lyman

This is an interview with Kate, a nutrition coach and the founder of Kate Lyman Nutrition, as well as a wife, traveler, and outdoor enthusiast. She helped a committed club achieve transformational change through a flexible nutrition approach and creating sustainable healthy habits while using evidence-based methods.

This interview is about navigating your nutrition while building a thriving business. 

Kate has a degree in public health and has worked as a trainer at a Crossfit gym for the past ten years. It all started with her passion for nutrition and fitness. Since then, her desire to work one-on-one with everyone has grown.

She stated that eating the right foods and exercising are essential, but there are so many different aspects to our health. It’s because, like athletes, we have specific fat loss goals. Entrepreneurs’ health and nutrition have a significant role in optimizing. When your health and energy are drained, you are unable to contribute more and function optimally. This entails feeling good about oneself and being flexible to build sustainable changes in lengthy habits.

It’s about finding that perfect balance in the middle where you can fuel yourself effectively while also enjoying things like family dinners, vacations, and other special occasions.

Everyone has times when life feels extra overwhelming or stressful. The first thing that must be handled is minimizing stress, which is directly tied to our health. It might be familial stress, over-exercising, not taking enough rest days, or a lack of sleep, all of which are poor nutrition since they reduce your appetite to eat well.

The second phase is to focus on small, actionable steps. This is the method for progressively enhancing your nutrition and overall health. Nowadays, it isn’t easy because people want a miracle pill that would instantly make them fitter or leaner, and it doesn’t work that way, according to Kate.

She recommended her clients to have some non-negotiables to do things like setting a water target for 100 ounces of water a day or having vegetables every meal. This implies that no matter how stressed or where you are, you must stick to your objective. 

These simple steps may appear vague, yet they have a huge impact if practiced regularly.

Also, she emphasized that meal plans value is understanding its template of getting protein with every meal, getting enough fruits and vegetables, so then you will know more whole foods and less processed foods. She thinks it can help give you some insights into what it looks like to fuel yourself well.

She also includes batching preparation for those who do not work on a meal plan. Instead of having beautiful little Tupperware dinners of the same thing you’re going to eat every day, batch prep the protein sources and have them in the fridge, so it’s simple for you to have a veggie instead of grabbing a bag of chips.

To help entrepreneurs focus better is eating enough of the right types of food. And for those who are focused on work and ignore themselves, remember to take breaks to refuel your brain and body, which will allow you to work more productively and efficiently.

She emphasized two components for entrepreneurs’ diets, the first of which is awareness. All of the food we eat is made up of three macronutrients: protein, fat, and carbs. Recognizing these foods will enable you to prepare meals that are more balanced and healthy for you.

Second, and equally important, is the ability to eliminate the labels of good and bad foods from the equation. This is to give yourself a lot more leeway to eat anything you want and not feel deprived.

She also introduced to her clients the hierarchy of importance of calories, macronutrients, and meal timing. Sort out the less essential ones so you can concentrate on the areas where supplementation is required.

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Kate is a nutrition coach, founder of “Kate Lyman Nutrition,” wife, traveler, and outdoors lover. Kate helps committed clients to make a transformational change using a flexible nutrition approach and creating sustainable healthy habits while using evidence-based methods.

Kate and her growing team of coaches support and educate her clients so they are ready to navigate their nutrition and no matter what life throws at them without the “screw it” mentality, guild, or endless dieting cycles.

Kate has a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science, a Master’s degree in Public Health, and is a Certified Health Education Specialist.

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