How to use Instagram to attract, nurture, and sell to your Dream Clients with Corinne Hone

Connie runs a social media management business that coaches people on how to use social media to their advantage. Instagram is her main focus and she helps people learn to sell and create an effective image to their audience. One of her main points was that there must be a strong call to action in your bio. It helps you connect with your audience and grow a following of like-minded people. Link trees can be useful but can be confusing for new users.

Corinne recommends the Milkshake app, which is a free app that can help create a landing page and website for Instagram accounts. It offers simple and easy to use tools that help create stylish pages for your target audience.

Corinne shared the three S’s with us.

It stands for show up, serve, and sell which means that you have a strategy in place for people to connect with you. “By showing up, it means that you’re consistent. Making use of all those Instagram features that we already touched on. Um that you have a strategy in place and you’re able to replicate that strategy week after week on a consistent basis.” 

Then to serve them with content like educational tips etc. Make sure to have a very specific target audience since Instagram is too saturated. Research is key and showing your face is vital since it helps people connect with you and your brand. Lastly, selling is focused on the transformation and results you are offering people. Making something easier for people to understand.  

“We pay for results. So when you’re selling, try to focus on um like sharing testimonials from clients, sharing social proof, so any feedback you’ve gotten or any messages, screenshots of messages from past clients or customers, saying how you know wonderful. 

Also it is important to talk about the results you’re, going to get that person. You are going to be saving them time and giving them peace of mind. 

You are also going to help them increase their brand awareness and hopefully help them increase their sales.” “The third step is all about selling and biggest light bulb moment for me when it comes to selling your services or your products is to focus not so much on what on the specifics of what you’re offering, but the transformation that you’re, offering somebody so people pay for results.”

Also, building an account from zero is all about finding your niche. It is easier to stand out on Instagram when you have a very specific target audience. Know your target audience and don’t be afraid to put out content just for them. It can be intimidating starting from nothing. But with a clear target audience and vision to serve, any business can grow and thrive on instagram. Becoming an authority in a specific area creates a service for people which can result in successful Instagram marketing.

When asked the question, “What do you think you’d focus on the most if you were to start from scratch?” 

Corinne said,

“I would focus on niching down, and I know it’s scary when you start out to think oh gosh. if I niche down and if I only focus on one specific part of the market, then that’s so many other people I’m not going to be speaking to and so many other people that I won’t. Be able to serve, but when you are able to niche down and have a very small target audience and create content just for them. You stand out so much easier on Instagram um. So what I mean by that is imagine you are a copywriter and for one of my past clients decided to niche down into the eco and sustainable friendly business niche.”

To finish up, Corinne offers her free Instagram engagement, boosting workbook with engagement, boosting tips that you can start using right away. She stressed how important it is to have a vision and target audience. Setting your goal to serve will help make selling easier down the road and build your reputation in your chosen niche.

🤓 Corinne Hone is the founder of “Hone Your Social”, a Social Media Management and Coaching business, based out of Salt Lake City, Utah. Corinne is originally from Ireland and funnily enough, running a business was never part of her plan.
After a 4-year stint in Guatemala working for various non-profit organizations, Corinne moved to the USA to be with her husband, Ronnie. She knew that in order to maintain the high-quality of life she had enjoyed in Guatemala, and keep a flexible schedule, she needed to become her own boss.

Hone Your Social was born in March of 2019, and since then, Corinne has sold-out her full-service Social Media Management packages and has moved into business coaching for creatives. Corinne believes that finding a work/life balance is crucial for long-term, sustainable success and takes a holistic approach to business coaching.
Touching on mindset, goal setting, strategy, and productivity, Corinne’s coaching programs have gained high praise from her past and current students. With a digital course launching in 2021, Corinne’s proven business success framework is set to impact hundreds of businesswomen in the coming years.


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