Lumen5 review: Is this Video Maker Right for you? Features, Pro’s & Con’s

Video marketing continues to grow and is dominating the online world right now. Video is said to capture people’s attention more than any other format. Through this Lumen5 review, let’s look at what Lumen5 is, the features of this video maker tool, the pros and cons and let’s find out if it is right for you. 

More and more people are using video content over text-based content or image-based content. Platforms such as Pinterest have adapted to this change and now have incorporated video pins to their site, and short-form video content such as TikTok, Instagram and Snapchat continue to gain more attention. 

Creating professional videos could take a lot of time, money and energy. Lumen5 can help you easily incorporate videos into your marketing strategies and create more engaging content to attract your target audience.

Lumen5 Review

What is Lumen5? 

Lumen5 review: Is this Video Maker Right for you? Features, Pro's & Con's

Lumen5 helps you turn your existing content into engaging videos by using their templates. You can use Lumen5 to create videos for your social media, ads and website to convey your brand message. 

With all kinds of templates provided within Lumen5, you can create scroll-stopping videos with the millions of stock footage, photos and soundtracks you can choose from. 

To use Lumen5, you can simply write a script or choose a template, or input a link into the editor, then Lumen5 will automatically create a storyboard for you with the audio and visuals that match your content. You can edit and change the text, video, style, colours, and font, and add a call-to-action to drive the conversion. 


Let’s take a look at the features of Lumen 5 and see what it can do to help you with your journey of video marketing. 

Change your text into video

Lumen5’s ability to change your text-based content into a video is very powerful. You can transform your existing blog posts or articles into a video quickly by entering the link of your content – copying and pasting it into the editor, or even using the RSS feeds. 

Lumen5 review: Is this Video Maker Right for you? Features, Pro's & Con's


Lumen5 has such a vast collection of templates with different dimensions for your social media content. For example, they have portrait templates for your Instagram stories, landscape content for your Facebook content as well as content for your own website and a lot more. 

You can customise these templates and use different animations for your text effects. Depending on the style of your video, you have the option to choose something more playful, something more formal or with minimal effects. 

Lumen5 allows you to adjust the length of each screen, where you want your text to be positioned as well as the text size, font and colour. You can also highlight certain parts of the text to emphasise on those certain points. 

Extensive library

Besides having a large number of templates available to you, Lumen5 also has a wide range of professional video clips, still images, and music for you to easily add into your video. Of course, if you want to upload your own content, you can also easily do so. 

Besides the typical stock videos and images you might find on all the major stock image websites, you can also find some unique stock content for you to use. 

I had to create a very specific video about a local area in Japan, and they had quite a few options for me to choose from making the video creation process very easy and quick. 

How I use Lumen5

Lumen5 review: Is this Video Maker Right for you? Features, Pro's & Con's

I used Lumen5 heavily for my other business on Japan travel, creating short videos introducing unique restaurants and bars, Japanese culture and different areas of Japan. 

I already had blog posts about Japan on my website, so it was easy to just import the blog posts, either using the AI-generated keywords or my own keywords, to produce the text and then simply customise the videos and style. 

It is very easy to create engaging videos that can help my audience learn something new and interesting quickly, without having to commit to a long-form video. I used these videos for Facebook posts, ads, promotions and campaigns.

The entire process is very easy and although you can’t fully customise the video, you have everything you need to create simple, information and eye-catching videos.

Lumen5 Pricing 

Lumen5 review: Is this Video Maker Right for you? Features, Pro's & Con's

Lumen5 Pro’s

  • Save you a lot of time and money by creating informative and attractive videos within minutes
  • Easily create short and simple professional videos for different purposes, such as social media, tips, informative video ads and a lot more
  • Easy to share videos on social media, without having to spend money and time on shooting any footage. 
  • The whole video-making process is straightforward and there isn’t much learning curve 

Lumen5 Con’s 

Sometimes Lumen5 wouldn’t be able auto-generate stock videos that match the intent of your content or generate the exact phrase that you want to emphasise in your content. It is only understandable since it is a machine-learning tool and it is not perfect (yet!). It might take a little bit of time to go and change the video footage but you can easily do all of that within the editor. 

If you want to fully customise the videos, it is not possible. Some additional editing features might be beneficial but Lumen5 continues to change and evolve with new functions. If you would like to customise your videos even more you could consider exporting the video from Lumen5 and adding the clip into your project on tools such as iMovie, Final Cut Pro, or Adobe Premiere. 


Lumen5 is a great content creation tool for people that don’t have the time, resources, or frankly skills to go shoot beautiful looking video for their business. The machine-learning system that they have in place to find video suited to your copy is extremely useful, and when it doesn’t work you can look for different stock video in their database yourself. Since the video editing tools are limited, you may not always end up with exactly what you want all of the time, but it is extremely convenient and having video form content is a great way to increase engagement.


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