Publisher Rocket Rank number 1 on Amazon & become a Bestselling Author review
Publisher Rocket Review: Rank number 1 on Amazon & become a Bestselling Author

Have you spent days, weeks and even months writing your book and you can’t wait to get it out there? Do you want to make sure you optimise the title, subtitle, keywords, categories and everything to make sure your book is optimised? If this is you, then you have to check out this Publisher Rocket review. 

Publisher Rocket is an online book and ebook marketing software tool that seeks to address that challenge. In this Publisher Rocket review, we will go over its features, Publisher Rocket’s pros and cons, my experience with Publisher Rocket, and whether Publisher Rocket is good and worth it.

Publisher Rocket Review

What is Publisher Rocket?

Publisher Rocket Review

Publisher Rocket is a marketing software that helps authors increase their book sales through providing a research tool for keyword optimisation, finding trends, niches and the profitability of specific books. Using Publisher Rocket you’ll mainly be optimising your titles and descriptions so as to know what potential customers actually type when searching in Amazon, what categories are trending and how much are readers paying for them. 

Publisher Rocket Features

Publisher Rocket Review Rank number 1 on Amazon & become a Bestselling Author how I use it


Publisher Rocket’s main bread and butter is in their keyword research tool; real-time data that shows what keywords are typed into Amazon, how many people type those keywords into Amazon, the keywords’ earnings per month, and a myriad more of other data that’s invaluable to help you find what works best for your books.


Through Publisher Rocket you are able to see info on your competitors; from the cover, prices, number of pages, to even their daily and monthly earnings. It is by understanding what strategies your competitors use for their titles, descriptions, and covers that Publisher Rocket’s core of helping authors research so they don’t spend too much time in marketing and converting takes place.


The category feature lets you find niche and relevant categories far easier as well as the number of books you’ll need to sell in that category that day for it to be considered as a bestseller.

Amazon Ads

In addition to keywords for the sake of optimising for your books Publisher Rocket helps out the list of keywords specifically for Amazon Ads. You can make your own keyword lists in Publisher Rocket, copy (export) and paste it right into their built-in AMS campaign manager and that’s all you really need to do to strengthen your Amazon advertising.

How I use Publisher Rocket?

Publisher Rocket Review Rank number 1 on Amazon & become a Bestselling Author

I have to say, I LOVE Publisher Rocket. It is my secret weapon to helping me rank number 1 on Amazon and how I become a bestselling author! 

Publisher Rocket is very intuitive. You can easily find keywords and categories that you can potentially rank for. For the one-time price of $97, it is honestly a steal and I couldn’t be happier to be able to use it for my book publishing journey. 

Not just Publisher Rocket the product, but the people that run it are very dedicated in keeping the product up-to-date, giving you all the necessary information and helping you stand out from the crowd with your book. 

I would highly recommend Publisher Rocket for any author, soon-to-be authors out there. I have personally had such incredible experiences with it and same with my clients.

Publisher Rocket Pricing

At present Publisher Rocket gives you total complete access at a fixed one-time price of $97. On one hand for a one-time purchase it’s great and you won’t need to be charged overtime but on the other hand if you’re not down with paying almost a hundred upfront or wanting to try without committing you won’t have much in the way of options. It’s also important to note that this pricing is only temporary, and may change in the future to a different type of pricing plan.

Publisher Rocket Pros

  • Extensive keyword data that is provided is actually useful for competitive advantage; from the profitability of each keyword used, what customers actually type in search to look for books and ebooks, to even information about what types of cover designs are really trending among customers
  • You can export the Publisher Rocket data as an excel file for you to view and analyse at your own leisure*
  • Publisher Rocket’s Amazon keyword data and advertising campaign features makes it optimised if you’re looking to get a lot of sales of your book/ebook through Amazon

Publisher Rocket Cons

  • If the one-time pricing doesn’t turn your head and get your attention Publisher Rocket likely wouldn’t change your mind since you don’t have any if at all pricing options currently besides the one-time $97 (if you’re to find other alternatives with better pricing options, then Publisher Rocket wouldn’t likely attract you to it)
  • Time consuming; due to the fact that there’s a lot of data to display and despite how easy it is to use actually researching to find what you need takes a lot of time especially considering how you have to look into and tap in each keyword and fact to get the info you want*


For book/ebook authors publishing in Amazon, Publisher Rocket’s a pretty invaluable tool to have. It helps you optimise your book description and advertisement campaigns, as well as helping you find hidden data such as earnings for books in various categories to benchmark your success. If you’re ok with the hefty initial (but one-time) price then Publisher Rocket should be the right choice for you.



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