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RecordCast Review: FREE Screen Recording and Video Editing tool

The COVID-19 pandemic has made face-to-face more difficult or almost impossible for many of us. Although many of us are striving for in-person interaction, with the right tools you can still turn a bad situation into a good one. Let’s take a look at this RecordCast review, an awesome screen recording tool and video editing tool that is actually free of charge for everyone. 

Let us think about the following scenario: you are sitting in the middle of the training session, you are tired because of lack of sleep the night before but you still thought you got everything. You came back home, wanted to start working, yet you just realized that you forgot how to work with this new software you have never used before. While it might be easy to understand while listening, actually working with it is a whole different matter. Sounds familiar?

This happens to many students, interns, new employees (and hence their teachers and employers), that we all struggle in the first few weeks of a new job and position. As an entrepreneur, you want to make the onboarding as easy as possible for your employees and assistants so that they can work on their maximum potential from day one onwards. Try to use a digital recording tool that you can either create a step-by-step tutorial for them to become familiar with how things work or you can ask them to simply record your presentation.

RecordCast Review

What is RecordCast? 

RecordCast features

RecordCast is a screen recorder that can be used for various purposes. It doesn’t matter if you are offering an online course or if one of your students/clients would like to record your synchronous workshop, RecordCast will make your life easier by one click. 

What can RecordCast do?

Boost Student Learning 

Sometimes your audience cannot grasp everything right away. With RecordCast’s recording, your audience can record and go through your material later so that they will be able to understand your material much better. 

Create Amazing Tutorials 

Not only can your audience record a screen, you can do it too! For example, it would be an awesome idea to record a step-by-step tutorial to onboard your new employers or assistants. Especially if you are considering hiring virtual assistants, effective online communication will help both parties to avoid underlying misunderstandings. Instead of simply telling your assistants what to do, record the process so that they can play your recording back and forth until they are familiar with their tasks and how your business works. 

Improve Business Communication 

Sometimes you want to communicate with your colleagues and clients but it might be hard to find a mutually convenient time. Record your presentation or product demo to make sure you actually showcase all the critical features that you would like them to know. In the case you cannot attend an important meeting, of course you can ask your assistant to take notes for you but a full recording of the meeting will be much more accurate and comprehensive. 

Level Up Video Creation 

You want your product demos to look as good as possible. Instead of just showing the product and talking in the video, you can add texts, music, and effects to make your video look professional. In the case you had a slip of the tongue during the middle of the recording, there is no need to go back to record again; all you need to do is to cut off the part with RecordCast’s built-in video editor. This is definitely a plus, because in this case, you do not need to download the video (RecordCast will download it automatically for you and make it available in their video editor) and edit it in another software. 

RecordCast Pros

RecordCast screen recording
  • free recording without watermark 
  • recording at anytime 
  • built-in video editor 
  • no downloads or extensions needed 
  • clean and straightforward user interface. Very intuitive

RecordCast Cons

  • you can only record up to 30 mins per precording 
  • the website will only save up to 8 projects for you 


To be sure, RecordCast has many advantages: it is a free, intuitive, and convenient tool that is accessible to literally everyone. The biggest downside might be the recording time (a limit of 30 mins). Nevertheless, it might not necessarily be a bad thing considering you may want to break down your content into small chunks so that the content will be easier for your audience to digest. In any case, decide based on the length of your video and see if RecordCast is a free alternative for you 🙂 



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