SendPulse Review Is this Email Autoresponder worth it? Features, Pro’s & Con’s
SendPulse Review: Is this Email Autoresponder worth it? Features, Pro’s & Con’s

Are you looking for an all-in-one communication platform to save time and make things organized? Check out this SendPulse review to find out if it is the right tool for you and your business, checking out the SendPulse features, Pro’s and Con’s.

SendPulse Review

SendPulse Review

What is SendPulse?

SendPulse is a three-in-one integrated campaign system. It takes care of your email campaigns, SMS and web push notifications.

All that comes at an affordable price as compared to other players on the market.

SendPulse’s email features allows users to set up emails with a drag-and-drop editor and ready-made templates. Users can check the performance of their email campaigns with A/B testing tools. SendPulse also provides email servers with reputed IP addresses to help ensure email delivery.

Let’s dive deeper into its features and see what Sendpulse has to offer.

SendPulse Features 

Sendpulse features review

SendPulse comes with a very robust set of tools and features that are not offered by many of today’s email marketing platforms. Even with an impressive feature set, using SendPulse to fuel your email marketing campaigns is not difficult. It is designed to be intuitive, enabling even the most novice of users to fully maximize the software’s potential to boost their marketing effort and yield great results. In this article, we will go through SendPulse’s main products (Email campaigns, CRM, landing pages, chatbots, SMS, web push) with you so that you will have a better sense of how the tool works. 

Email Campaigns 

A successful email campaign will likely bring success to your online business. You can go through it via three simple steps: add your mailing list, create your email template, and improve your email deliverability. It is so simple that all you need to do is to upload your list, use one of the templates (130+ available to choose from), and use the spam checker to ensure your leads and customers will actually see your email(s). We will walk through some more details about this feature so that you will see how many useful functions you can unlock with SendPulse.

Drag and Drop Editor 

Sendpulse helps you to create good looking email templates without any skills in programming. All you need to do is to drag a picture of your choice and drop it into the designated area. Easy, right? SendPulse offers more than 130 ready-made templates, so you can choose one of them and start customizing it right away. You can edit the template (background, font style and size, text colour, etc.) based on your taste and the image of your company.

If you want to make the template more interactive, you also have the option to insert a link to the video (such as YouTube) of your store or yourself. Also, make sure to link your social media pages to your email. If your leads are attracted to your templates, they will most likely want to check out your other sites and it will help you to have more followers and turn leads into customers. Entrepreneurs can save so much time thanks to these pre-made templates: a decent-looking template will take you less than half an hour to be done.

An even better news: as long as you are registered, you can start creating your personalized templates with SendPulse free of charge. So try it out today 🙂 

Subscription Forms 

You would want as many people as possible to subscribe to your emails and social media sites so that more people will get to know your business and products. SendPulse will provide you with pre-designed subscription forms to build upon. You can include any kind of information you would like to know about your leads: name, gender, address, phone number, etc. Uploading an image of your shop will also make it more recognizable and memorable for your audiences. 

You can decide when the subscription form appears. Depending on your business plans and strategies, you can choose if you want the subscription form to display right away or after a certain amount of time, and on which page it will appear. If you do not want your site visitors to sign up on their phone (since the small screen could make things difficult), you can hide the subscription form from mobile phone users and display it in the desktop version only. In any case, there are lots of flexible options for you to navigate around with SendPulse’ subscription forms. Make sure to set up the form somewhere with lots of traffic so that more people will subscribe. 

Automation Flow 

The more you automate your business, the more time you will be able to save. SendPulse’s email automation allows you to send automated and scheduled emails, whether it is transactional or promotional. Especially if you have lots of leads and customers, you might not be able to remember every single of their needs or actions. Email automation will help you to take care of those possibly overlooked opportunities by reminding your customers about an abandoned cart, reminding them of a booking, notifying them about upcoming events, and sending promotional offers for loyal customers or customers who haven’t made a purchase for a long time. You can also use email automation to ask your customers for feedback on your services and products to ensure you are on top of your performance. 

Transactional Emails 

Transactional emails include subscription or booking confirmation, order updates, notifications, etc. So sending the right transactional email at the right timing is extra important to keep your customers posted about their interest and purchase. Try SendPulse’s Simple Message Transfer Protocol (SMTP) today for free (up to 12,000 emails). The server is highly reliable and has a high deliverability rate. It also provides you with a detailed report on your email effectiveness: you can get access to data such as open and click-through rates, inbox placement, delivery rates and errors, and spam complaints. This report will help you to decode consumer behaviors: which subscribers are interested in which products (open and click-through rates), which subscribers can be taken off from the list (span complaints). More will be discussed in a second. 

Campaigns Analytics 

The more you know your subscribers, the better you will succeed. A good analytic report is thus a must. Thankfully, SendPulse generates evaluative reports, measuring a variety of email marketing metrics. From the report you will see the number of clicks of each link, the geographical location of these clicks, which browser and device were used, and errors that occurred during the sending process. All the information is invaluable to understand your subscribers. You will also learn the change of your mailing list, for example, who unsubscribed your emails. You may consider reaching out to them asking for feedback on improvements. As for the general traffic of your website, SendPulse is integrated with Google Analytics. 

Email Verifier 

There is no point if your subscribers do not see your emails. SendPulse will ensure your emails do not go to spam. They will also let you know if the address you are sending is valid so that you don’t waste quota for invalid addresses. 


SendPulse CRM review

CRM stands for customer relationship management. A powerful CRM will help you to stay organized and save lots of time by focusing on the important information. SendPulse’s CRM system will automatically store all your customer information in one database. You will get a clear overview of how your sales are doing, how many deals haven’t been closed, etc. Your sales reps will get an instant notification once there is a new deal so they can reach out to the customer in a timely manner. The other great thing about CRM is that you can combine it with other features. For example, once you can combine it with automated transactional emails. Once your CRM notices that the deal is closed, the customer will get an automated thank-you email. 

Landing Pages

SendPulse landing pages review

If you are looking to promote your business and brand, make sure you have one single page that stores all the essential links and information that you want your leads to know. Not just links, there are lots of elements that you can add to your landing page: text, cover, carousel, button, subscription form, social media, chatbox, and indent. Although SendPulse provides landing page templates, they are flexible enough for you to edit and customize your own page that suits you the most. It is also very convenient to turn your page into an online store. All you need to do is to integrate a payment system and add a product gallery with descriptions for each product. SendPulse supports payment systems including PayPal, Money, Fondy, and very soon you will be able to use Kassa as well. So it is really a feature that has lots of potential. Check it out and make sure you make the best use of it. 


SendPulse Chatbot review

Communication with your customers is the key. However, you cannot possibly reply to every single message right away. Consider integrating SendPulse’s chatbots – you can set up auto-replies and purchase funnels to ensure your customers get a response as soon as possible. Their chatbots cover the most common message apps including Facebook, Telegram, and Whatsapp. Make sure to download the SendPulse Chatbots App. It is a mobile version of SendPulse’s chatbox service. You will get notifications to your phone and you will never miss a message. And the even better news – the app is for free!


SMS campaigns are particularly suitable for very important information and deals you want to share with your audiences right away. SMS enhances the chance they will see the message. SendPulse cooperates with 1,000+ mobile network providers in over 200 countries, so it is definitely a must-have in case your audiences are all over the world. But how should you get your audiences’ phone numbers? Simply implement a subscription form on your website. You can also ask them to fill out information such as birthday, gender, age, interests, and so on. The more information you can gather, the better you will be able to personalize your SMS campaign. The SMS campaign is good when you use it in combination with other marketing strategies such as email and messengers. It offers a variety for you to choose from so that you can send the right information to the right audience via the right channel at the right timing. 

Web Push 

Your customers cannot check your website all the time, but you also don’t want them to miss any deals or new updates. SendPulse’s Web Push function is here to help. All popular browsers including Google Chrome, Firefox, and Opera support SendPulse’s Web Push Notifications. It is easy to subscribe to and hard to overlook. Based on the information you collected from your audiences, personalize the data in notifications for them: for instance, what browser language do they use? Which region are they in? Overall, it is a great feature to keep your audiences coming back to your shop. 

SendPulse Pros

  • Nice interface to create and preview push notifications
  • Accurate previews and ability to save and schedule in advance
  • Quality-Price
  • Artificial Intelligence feature
  • Customer support
  • The automated resend feature
  • Software allows you to send a huge number of emails with ease
  • Lots of templates available to use 

SendPulse Cons

  • Interface can be challenging
  • Campaign approvals can take time
  • Could use more webinars or short (and concise) videos describing the features

SendPulse Pricing

SendPulse Review

If your mailing list is not more than 2500 subscribers, send up to 15 000 emails every month for free.

You can either subscribe to one of their three other paid plans (standard, pro, enterprise) or pay pro emails. The more emails you send, the cheaper each email will cost you. 

Let’s have a look at different subscriptions first. 

(I set the mailing list size as 501 – 1,000 to compare the plans. But of course, there’s many more options in terms of the mailing list size to adjust to your actual needs.)

The standard plan costs €10/month, in comparison to €12 for the pro plan and €16.8 for the enterprise plan (if you choose to subscribe for an entire year, you will save 20%; you will save 10% for a 6-month subscription). So the price difference really isn’t large. What are the differences between these plans then? 

The standard plan will allow you to invite up to 3 users to your account, have 5 sender’s addresses and 3 domains, 3 landing pages, 10 flows, and 10 events. All these numbers increase if you go pro or enterprise. One of the differences that stands out for me is the image storage. The standard and pro plans both have pretty limited sizes of storage: 200 MB and 500 MB respectively. But if you pay a bit more each month, you can enjoy unlimited image storage with the enterprise plan. 

Now, let’s compare the prices without subscription. 

Assume that you need to send 25,000 emails. You will have to pay €57 with the standard plan (€0,0023 per email), €68.4 with the pro plan (€0,0027 per email), and €95.76 (€0,0038 per email) with the enterprise plan. Again, the difference is not large. 

SendPluse is not just for small to medium-sized businesses; they also have a VIP plan for entrepreneurs with a very large number of leads and customers (i.e., you want to reach out to over 5 million subscribers). Simply call or email them to discuss your personalized VIP plan. 


SendPulse is an ideal email marketing platform with a very affordable price. It is one of the few in the market that provides multiple channels of communication with your audience. You can use any combination of bulk email, bulk SMS messages, and web push notifications to engage your subscribers and grow your email list.



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