Simplifying and being Selective is Key to a More Profitable and productive business with Lisa Z.
Simplifying and being Selective is Key to a More Profitable and productive business with Lisa Zawrotny

This is the interview of Lisa Zawrotny. A caregiver, wife, mother and a business owner. She founded a positive productive system by decluttering and designing systems.

The obstacles in life where she sees her state in a survival mode have taught her many lessons. Since then, she believes that there is no clear path unless you clear out the process.

The benefit of organizing what you want and your business needs will help you sort things out. Lisa said that all platforms have their value, but not all them are right for you. There is a need to match up the modalities, productivity, techniques to you as a person. 

We have many tools or free resources nowadays. Including the helpful software emerging to our advantage, from spreadsheets, documents, and even a calendar. How will you choose out of so many? It starts with knowing your personality, tendencies and thinking about how you have best worked before. Simpler platforms can make a difference too. You can have notes on your iPad, phone, or actual notebooks – there is nothing wrong with a pen to paper, especially if that is your vibe, as per Lisa. The key to this is where you will put the information and how easy it is for you to do that. Make it a habit and write down your to-do things, tasks, or thoughts before it’s gone.

 However, those platforms will not get you organized and productive nor do all the work for you. It should start with the entrepreneurs by setting their drive into action and going through these processes because it is much more important than the platform itself.

Upgrading platforms and doing things is never a wrong choice. But, it is vital to be more specific about when you plan to do that in your business. It’s all about watching the season and picking a time when it’s a little less busy. You could then introduce a new platform—finding the right time to launch the right things. Remember not to establish a learning curve where one isn’t needed.

Also, she mentioned that the number one productivity tool we have is self-awareness. Learning more about your personality depends on which area you are most productive. Several tests can be taken up virtually. The result will allow you to understand how to connect better with people.

 If you start paying attention and create these awareness, there you will see where you can be more productive, and energized.

Circadian rhythm is a healthy habit that must be practiced.  It will award you a better job result. This is how significant it is to know your proper  sleep window, so as proper, hydration, and proper food.

For starters, she suggested having to use the simple system, which is a framework for decluttering. This is the real key in terms of focusing and productivity. This is a way to prevent you from getting distracted by these extraneous things, which takes up much of your time and stops your excellent opportunity to grow. But, with a simple system, you are rebuilding your focus and consistency to stay well-driven.

🤓 Lisa Zawrotny founded Positively Productive Systems after a deeply overwhelming time in her own life juggling multiple roles as a caregiver, wife, mother, and business owner.

She healed herself and her family by decluttering and designing systems and wanted to help others do the same.

Now as a Certified Stress Management & Productivity Coach and host of the Positively Living Podcast she helps multi-passionate entrepreneurs and multi-tasking caregivers find success through simplicity and structure.

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