Starting a business & Successful Social Media Management for a Start-up with Erika Klisonyte
Starting a business & Successful Social Media Management for a Start-up with Erika Klisonyte

This is an interview with Erika Klisonyte, the founder of Avoraza. A start-up business specializing in social media management, marketing events, social media training, content writing and portfolio creation. The goal is to provide and support small businesses to succeed in establishing their presence and brand awareness.

She said that networking is a big deal. To start with, you should write a plan for the services that you want to provide. Next, create a social media platform and consider your family or friends as your supporters and target for a couple of weeks. They are most likely the ones who support, share and spread the good about your company to trigger word of mouth. It is a chance to broaden your network and connections that will result in another opportunity.

To select which platform is best to use is knowing what kind of business you have. Erika recommended Facebook as the number one efficient and helpful platform because it collaborated with Instagram. In some cases, if your audience is twenty years old, try to focus on the platform for generation sets such as TikTok. And if you are looking for a broader market and service, try to aim for LinkedIn or Twitter. Also, if it’s more visual like restaurants and clothing brands, she encourages  you to look for Pinterest. It’s all about the differentiations within the product, service providers and your will to experiment with social media platforms.

The content you share should be valuable because it is relevant to all social media platforms. Do not forget to remember how influential the trends are in terms of creating content. Annually, different content trends are coming in this year of 2021. It focuses more on sustainability and human rights while the other has diversity and equality of people. The content you share is essential because it represents the story behind your product. Furthermore, you can provide tips and meaningful quotes or perhaps share the things that are from your competitors because extending an arm wide open may lead to a  fruitful collaboration.

The tip she gave to stand out amongst all your competitors is to have a great social media strategy with smartly written objectives. You have to aim for the quality of your content to surpass and innovate together with the rest. Study the techniques and ways of your rival so you can figure out which strategy could benefit your business as well. There is never the right strategy for all businesses. You have to keep on testing and seeing what works for you rather than for everyone else.

Sometimes you have to step out of the box to be able to find your target audience. Human interaction is one of the trends that is always present. There are statistics which have proven to be very effective for most interactive people, they likely make a huge difference productively. And if you are one of those few who can’t get out of their comfort zone, consider some other ways such as teammates to be still engaging stories and be active to achieve your target market.



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