Starting a podcast & all the strategies to build a successful brand with Seth Anderson
Starting a podcast & all the strategies to build a successful brand with Seth Anderson

This is an interview with Seth Anderson. In Canada, he is a proud husband and father of two children. He and his friend JP have a podcast called Biz Dojo where the interview leaders and entrepreneurs. The podcast’s mission is to inspire through the stories and perspectives of leaders from various industries.

By day, he works for a large telecommunications company, where he supports a team of about 150 people dispatching across Canada and the Philippines.

His first piece of advice is to go on to a couple of podcasts and share your story. Spread the word about your brand. It would be best if you got out because there are so many options available. It’s an exciting way to share your story because you can curate it and make whatever you want. He thinks it is exciting, especially if you’re a creative person and own a creative business. It’s a great tool to use to share your brand’s story and why you do what you do.

When it comes to podcasting, the program and microphone are usually the first things to mind. He is fortunate to have a friend who works in broadcasting and is familiar with audio software. As a result, he advised that you look at your connections to see if you know someone who fits that description. Most importantly, if you have a microphone, a good idea, and people who are passionate to share their stories, the first move is to get started right away.

He said that the reason he landed and started the podcast was to offer hope and provide a space for incredible people to share their stories in the hopes of inspiring others to go on their own version of whatever story it is.

Also, when it comes to onboarding guests on his podcast, he advises you to be more creative and be on the lookout for something interesting if somebody shares anything that indicates their story and business. Be also prepared to get a no response or ignored. Furthermore, his intuition guides him to a person he wants to have on his podcast and just opened up the opportunities. He is grateful to have been awarded a digital award and a Hermes creative award for podcasting that adds credibility. Now, they have a pretty reputable website where people can go and have some legitimate guests. Best advice also is to get out of your comfort zone and look for interesting people because that is largely what they have done.

They put in a lot of effort to develop their audience from the ground up. They did research, looked up SEO information, went to different posts every day, and tried many different things, some of which worked and some of which did not.

The ideal approach they discovered with the aid of Canva is to set up a system in which they post an image of the guest along with a quote from the interview to introduce them. Take a short clip from the show. It happens every Tuesday, and if your audience doesn’t listen, you can post a missed post at the end of the week to give them still the idea. People have come to expect the consistency they post of a similar time, same day, similar format. So people are starting to know what to expect.

The real engagement for him is a one-on-one conversation. And he met these amazing people through social media platforms by being visually appealing. 

Lastly, he said that they try to show that leadership has no bounds. All these different walks of life we’ve had are the only way you get to know the top of success by following your passions surrounding yourself.

🤓 Seth is a proud husband and father of two based in Redwood Meadows, Canada. He has a podcast with his friend JP called the Biz Dojo where they interview leaders and entrepreneurs. The goal of the podcast is to inspire people through story’s and insights shared by leaders across all industries.

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