Uncover the 3 Biggest Mistakes Coaches & Consultants make on LinkedIn with Sarah Katari
Uncover the 3 Biggest Mistakes Coaches & Consultants make on LinkedIn with Sarah Katari

This is an interview with Sarah Katari, a LinkedIn nerd, b2b, copywriter and community builder. She is skilled in content creation, can hone online communities into creative spaces full of raving fans for coaches and consultants worldwide.

In LinkedIn, you should consider creating less content about yourself, nor the achievements of your clients and how well your business is. You have to provide value in terms of measurable results, content that is valuable to your audience. It needs focus and strategy to what kind of content you create on LinkedIn that would get momentum. She said that it must be a kind of content that shows your expertise and thoughts of leadership. One of the many concerns is the landing page, which has to be precise, targeted and optimized. Think of your website as your portfolio that speaks to them on what you are going to provide. Your home page is the most important page on your website, while your profile is the most necessary thing for your LinkedIn presence.

Sarah has her personal profile as her link on her website because her profiles where all the action happens. It is where she connects with people about relevant happenings, posting content and thinks about LinkedIn as her personal platform. People are there to connect with you as a human and your ideas as a business owner. She highly suggested optimizing your profile while you can still create a business profile but the attention must not be similar to the other.

Also, one good tip that she has shared about optimizing your profile is to put what entity you want to be found as in your LinkedIn. The position is throughout your entire profile and in your headline probably two or three times because that’s more likely to be found when someone looks up for it. In addition, she recommends putting your branding like your face, colour, and logo because those are the three keys to branding. And if you are an employee, which some of the entrepreneurs are, try to put some of your accomplishments. One of your strategy sessions is to optimize your profile and place a call to action along with your header image that is a must.

Furthermore, networking in general should be a reciprocal relationship between you and the ones who are engaging with your profile or content. The best realistic strategy is to reach the right people by focusing on the quality before quantity. Alongside is to start engaging with people by commenting on their posts, give valuable and thoughtful comments, share your opinion and sooner you will find that people are engaging back. LinkedIn will reward your posts with better reach if you are more invested, engaged, and active.

Sarah Katari is a LinkedIn Nerd, B2B Copywriter, and community builder. They use their content creation abilities to hone online communities into engaged, creative spaces full of raving fans for coaches & consultants worldwide. No matter your industry, they believe in LinkedIn as a powerful tool for building authentic relationships, businesses, and legacies.

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