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This membership doesn’t only give you beautiful stock photos you can use for your business, you will also receive Canva templates, trainings and others to help you in all areas of your business.

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“Ivory Mix has a range of incredible stock photos, marketing materials and resources for every part of your business..

Your Entrepreneur Resources

In this membership, you’ll get

???? 100+ New Photos Monthly
???? Canva Templates Monthly
???? Caption Templates and Starters Monthly
???? Workshops & Trainings
???? Royalty Free Styled Stock Photos – no credit needed!
???? Use for Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Blog Posts, Emails and More


Skills this membership covers

Stock Photos
Social Media


???? Overall: Great membership with a lot of content
???? Level: All levels
???? Price: Great price

Modules and lessons

100+ New Stock Photos per month

Video, audio and text lessons


Worksheets, checklists, notes

Extra resources 

Community, support and group

Exclusive Community

About the Membership


Get stock photos and masterclasses such as Pinterest masterclass, Instagram masterclass, canva templates and every month to help you grow your business and gain more visibility through social media.

About Kayla Butler

Kayla started Ivory Mix as a hobby, turned it into a multi six-figure business, and quit her 15 year career as an Interior Designer to help other Creative Experts start and grow their businesses so they can live an abundant creative life with revenue on repeat.


Anna from The She Approach


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