[Free] How to Build a Free Resource Library

The correct way to create a resource library that attracts new subscribers, while also allowing you to understand and nurture your new found audience for the right, money-making offers.

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“I love learning from Kimi a lot because she gives a lot of examples in all of her courses and knowledge.”

Your Entrepreneur Resources

In this course, you’ll learn

👉 The role a Free Resource Library should play in your business
👉 Why it shouldn’t just be some password protected page
👉  How to strategically use it to get to know your subscribers beyond the fact that they clearly like free stuff
👉 Tutorial showing you how to create your library



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🤓 Level: Beginner & Intermediate 
🤑 Price: It’s free!

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About the Course

How to build a free resource library

This free course guides you through the best tools to use for building your library so that it’s well organised, easy to build, and fast so you aren’t wasting a ton of time.

You will also learn the best practices for your library and the mistakes a lot of business owners make.

About Kimi Kinsey

Kimi is the founder of The Blog Dept.®. She helps entrepreneurs find their path, make quick moves, and grow a profitable online business.

Kimi has helped over 13,500+ students and customers since 2014 and she helps entrepreneurs get “unstuck” in their businesses.

Kimi Kinsey


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