How to be Authentic Online with your business and your content with Melanie Herschorn
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This is an interview with Melanie Herschorn.  She’s a content marketing strategist and coach who’s on a mission to help female entrepreneurs succeed. Her goal is to support women business owners in conquering their content marketing challenges in order to gain more clients.

They discussed the importance of being authentic online through your business and content in this interview.

She had previously worked as a journalist, but was laid off five months into her pregnancy. She decided to start her own business by designing breastfeeding clothing. She then went full-time into marketing and is currently a content marketing strategist.

She said it is important to be authentic online in order to attract your ideal customer. As an entrepreneur, you should be yourself since you are your brand. If you are honest online, you will gain people’s trust, and this is how you will grow your community while also increasing your wallet.

Melanie talked about how she felt about the advertising that said things like “I made $14k in a month” or something like. Marketers are taught to know the problem solution, show the customer what the problem is, and provide an answer, but  you can do it in a nice way that makes them feel good and ready to work with you instead of feeling bad about themselves.

Being yourself and knowing that you are more than enough is the best way to be authentic online. We all have our own unique set of skills, experiences, and backgrounds, and you are important. So, if you have a message you’d like to post online, go ahead and do it since you’ll be helping someone a lot more.

Also, when it comes to authentic exposure, there’s a TMI (Too Much Information). It means to stop, or it has reached its limit. The answer to the question: How much is too much? The answer is also too much, you get to decide what’s too much. You are the gatekeeper, you set up boundaries to whatever you feel talking about.

When it comes to authenticity, you should be aware that each platform follows a specific format. She stated that you can be vulnerable and tmi in your emails because it is your community and those individuals signed up to be there. Your website, on the other hand, is similar to your résumé. So, basically, there’s a format to it because you only have about three seconds to get the one question you want to answer on your website, which is what’s in it for them. However, when it comes to your email and the information you send out on a daily basis, do what feels good so that people can get to know you.

Furthermore, you can use your stories to connect with your audience. A great starting point to that is to tell a client’s story that you have worked with, who started from nothing and now they’re amazing with your help too. Also, you can take anything that happens in your daily life. Testimonials are a great place to start too.

Mindset is her type of content bucket because you can have all the strategy in the world but nothing will happen if you don’t have the right mindset for your marketing. She agree that repurposing your content is a great idea.

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A content marketing strategist and coach on a mission to empower female entrepreneurs, Melanie Herschorn’s goal is to support women business owners to land more clients by conquering their content marketing challenges. Through her company, VIP Digital Content, Melanie provides the strategies necessary for her clients to attract their ideal clients, nurture leads, and position themselves as experts in their field. A small business owner since 2012, Melanie understands the entrepreneurial journey and that it truly takes a village. She has worked as a print, radio, and TV journalist and as a PR specialist in Hollywood.

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