How to use YouTube to bring leads into your business 24hrs a day with Melissa Mitchel
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This is an interview with Melissa Mitchel, she helps entrepreneurs create a lead generation machine using youtube and social media to bring more impact and profit in their business.

The interview talks about the benefits of using video in your business and how you can use youtube to bring leads into your business 24 hours a day.

Melissa began her business by doing design work and social media, then gradually moved to video because videos are really helpful in making your business more visible online. She then decided to focus on videos because she noticed that videos as tools in social media channels are where most individuals are making the greatest connections and growing. That’s when she  studied  into it and saw the power of YouTube and how much it can help grow businesses on autopilot.

She also discussed the several benefits of using videos for social media connections. One of the most important advantages is the trust factor with your audience. She said that videos help you connect with your audience since you can communicate with them using both audio and visual.

The second biggest benefit is the YouTube search engine, which allows you to obtain leads more quickly if you appear in the search results on YouTube. The third benefit is that videos can be repurposed by breaking them down into smaller pieces of content that can be shared on different social media sites. Video is the queen of all content for her.

Melanie uses the three-phase system to divide a long-form piece of content into shorter versions for different platforms. The first phase is creating a strategy, which is the most important because it is where you create the foundation of yourself to break everything down from there.

They create all of the video topics based on what the client is looking for to create content that would convert the audience. It’s a strategy meant for figuring out what other social platforms you are going to be on.

Creating content that converts means knowing your message and your ideal client, that’s the basis of almost all marketing strategies. If you don’t know how to resonate with them, you will have a hard time putting any strategy into place. Always start with who you want to talk to and understand their fears, pains and goals. After that, you create video titles, content,and put full strategy together to convert viewers into leads.

You can create valuable content for your ideal client by creating a video training series, a webinar, or a checklist, and then setting up a landing page where they can submit their email address in exchange for the freebie. It could be the beginning of the sales machine and the flow of traffic.

She also added that she uses YouTube as a lead generation tool, and that she normally mentions the freebie briefly at the beginning and at the end of the video to urge people to download the freebie because it adds value to them and for her leads.

Her advice to new YouTube channel owners is to start by creating content for your ideal client and making sure it’s searchable; it’s all about them, not you. If you’re confident that someone is listening, you can add some personality in the later portion.

There are several tips she gave to those who don’t want to be on camera. First, have someone help you and make them stand on the opposite side of the camera right behind the lens to create a more conversational atmosphere.

The second step is to get in the mood. It’s the greatest time to plan ahead for your videos, such as an outline, equipment, and clothing, as well as anything else that will help you feel more confident because you’re prepared. Also, try different things to make yourself feel more at ease, and it will get better and better.

Batching is one of the most important aspects of video creation. If you follow to a system, plan ahead of time, and batch your content, you’ll save a ton of time because you won’t have to create a bunch of new content if you’re repurposing right.

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How to build your lead generation machine with YouTube:

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Melissa Mitchell helps entrepreneurs create a lead generation machine using YouTube and social media to bring them more impact and profit in their business.

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