How to monetize your podcast from the start and set yourself up for success with Anne Claessen
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This is an interview with Anne Claessen. She helps the podcasters to increase their impact,  reach their ideal clients, and monetize their podcasts. She did it by partnering with the podcast team babes to provide masterminds online courses and podcast production.

In this interview, they discuss how to monetize your podcast from the start and how to set yourself up for success when starting a podcast.

Anne mostly works with female podcasters, helping them in creating a profitable podcast because it is the trend and practically everyone has one. So, with her team and the podcast babes, they assist individuals who are struggling with podcasting in finding a win-win situation and monetizing their podcast.

Podcasting has been around for a long time, and what she enjoys about it is that you can hear someone’s voice as a podcaster who has complete freedom and control over their podcast format, including interviews, solo episodes, two-hour episodes, and five-minute episodes. You can be creative with it and use it as a hobby to inspire people for your business. Although there are a few paid membership models in the podcasting space, most podcasts are free to listen to.

If you’re starting from zero with no audience, no products, no programs, and no business at all, the first thing is to earn people’s trust. A good way to do this is to offer a freebie, get people on your email list, and nurture them, as well as discover a way to contact your listeners.

It’s not about making money, but a freebie is useful because it allows you to send individuals an email about your new product or if they missed an episode. To sell your product quickly, you must first understand what your target market needs and what they expect from you. It’s either a coaching program, a four-week online course that they can take at their own leisure, or an ebook.

She discussed the best ways to inform your audience about your items without going overboard. The first step is to pick one product or service to promote in each segment. Also, for each episode, identify one extremely clear call to action. People prefer to jump right into the content, so keep your ad or snippet of your product incredibly short. It’s preferable to bring it up in the midst of the episode, or at a point known as mid-roll. You can add a snippet after you’ve given them the listener value; make it short, concise, and to the point. Just before the podcast ends or an outro, you can offer a snippet as a reminder of where they might be able to find the new product.

She emphasized that the intro serves to raise brand awareness, the midroll serves to pique people’s interest, and the outro serves to motivate them to take action.

Sponsorships are the ideal option to monetize for those who do not wish to write an ebook, sell products, or establish an online course. It has two different types, the first one is the cpm sponsorships which means that you get paid per 1000 downloads  of the episode that the ad is in.

It’s simple to get started because there are so many marketplaces to choose from, but you’ll need a lot of downloads. Another one is brand sponsorships, in which you may interact with businesses and vice versa to collaborate especially if you are an influencer with a podcast.

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Anne Claessen helps podcasters to increase their impact, reach their ideal clients, and monetize their podcast. She does that by offering masterminds, online courses, and DFY podcast production with her team at The Podcast Babes.

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