How to market your business on Pinterest For service providers with Domitille Sia-Holik
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This is an interview with Domitille. She is the owner and founder of memozel social and a pinterest strategist. She helps coaches and service providers to create a sustainable marketing strategy with pinterest as the main visibility and lead generation tool.

In this interview, they discuss how to market your business on Pinterest for service providers. 

She began managing Pinterest approximately a year and a half ago. She moved to the United States to be with her husband. Furthermore, as an immigrant, you are not allowed to work for up to a year. Shen then started to look into blogging and other online activities, and she fell in love with Pinterest, which she began to use for her travel blog because she had previously traveled extensively.

According to her, Pinterest is the best marketing platform for introverts. Unlike Instagram, where you must be on the platform and in a video.  Pinterest is also a little more laid-back, and if you’re an entrepreneur looking for a sustainable marketing strategy, this is one of the best platforms.

The power of Pinterest is it allows you to drive traffic not only to your website, but also to landing pages, sales pages, and other pages.  When you click on the pin, it takes them to a landing page or the link you set. Also,  Idea pins live on platforms, and they give you a new opportunity to show your profile to more people, which will eventually lead them to visit your website.

She emphasized that Pinterest is not a social media platform, but rather a search engine that works with keywords and is  a lot closer to Google.

We need to recognize, according to Domitille, that when people go to Pinterest, they’re seeking for something specific and want to take action on it. Her advice to entrepreneurs interested in using it is to have fun with it and use the Pinterest platform as a user. And because it’s a people’s search engine, the first step is to conduct keyword research. This is how your pins, boards, and profile are shown. It’s important to provide searchable keywords.

Furthermore, she recommended using long-term keywords in a strategic way, such as including them in the profile description of your boards and pins, and then using long tail keywords to rank those pins under the long-term keywords.

One of her recommendations was to start with your profile, conduct your keyword research, and then go into your categories and make the boards using the broader keywords that can house the content you’re creating.

Knowing that every time you pin a bar to a board, you’re giving Pinterest more information to further categorize that pin. Also, you pin it to multiple boards so it has multiple chances to be found under multiple keywords.

If you don’t want to invest in a paid tool without knowing how it works, you can use the Pinterest native scheduler that gives you 15 days, so you can only pin.

Pinterest’s goal is to attract new or returning users to reconnect. You don’t need a new blog post, but you’ll need a whole new image with a link. So it might be a blog post that you’ve already shared on Pinterest, but with a new design, background images, content, and call to action.

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Domitille is the owner and founder of Mademoiselle Social and a Pinterest strategist. She helps coaches and service providers to create a sustainable marketing strategy with Pinterest as the main visibility and lead generation tool.

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