Why both mindset and strategy are important for growing a successful online business as an introvert with Emma-Louise Parke

This is an interview with Emma Parkes. A business mindset coach for ambitious introverts, empath and highly sensitive entrepreneurs. She is the host of the ambitious introvert podcast. She works with both new and established entrepreneurs, assisting them in establishing, growing, and scaling successful, sustainable online businesses.

They will discuss why both mindset and strategy are so important for growing a successful online business as an introvert.

She has been a coach for 14 years, and after a thousand hours of experiences as a coach, she thought it would be a breeze but it wasn’t because she finds online space really overwhelming. She said that just because you are a good coach doesn’t necessarily mean you’re good at business. To make her own business the best it could be, she made a lot of investments, learned a lot, hired mentors and coaches, and invested in her own understanding of online business.

It’s not about what you have, but rather how you put your mind to the world around you in coaching. Everyone has their own mental model of the world, which is shaped by their personal experiences and upbringing. All of this simply means that each individual sees and perceives things in their own unique way.

Comparison is one of the mindset blockages, and it’s perhaps the most common. Introverts often notice another entrepreneur doing something similar and begin to wonder if they can do the same. It’s triggering and tough for some of them because they usually end up looking at five entrepreneurs doing similar things, but when they do, they will see where they stand out and where they differ.

You can conduct competitor analysis invisibly online by visiting their websites or following them on social media. You  can look through the services and about me sections to discover where you fit in. However, you must reach out in terms of your target audience, research, and market research. In the case of introverts, conversing with one individual at a time is preferable rather than doing a large-scale audience research project.

When an introvert or sensitive entrepreneur is doubting their own self-worth in sales, the greatest thing they can do is detach oneself from the business and make judgments from the perspective of a business owner.

She explained that strategy is a mixture of two things: it’s a mixture of your goals. The first step is to know where you’re going so that you can create a road map to get there. Second, are the pieces that will bring you there so broken down and it will be like your personalized plan.

She stated that she and her clients have a 90-minute business plan and engage 90 minutes on the phone, after that Emma goes away and creates a 90-day business plan for them. It generally contains the things they need to do, such as how often they need to post, blog posts, or live streams, and they also have a week off somewhere.

She mentioned that she has a weekly posting schedule of five posts that will be disseminated on Instagram, Facebook groups, and numerous pages. She always writes things that are evergreen, such as holidays or the weather, and updates them every three or four months.

But now that she has a podcast and a blog, she is doing things a little differently. Every week, she records a podcast episode and writes a blog post every two weeks. She also likes to post snippets from both with her audience, along with a link and shorter pieces of content, such as three tips.

Lastly, for introverts, having a roadmap of what to do next eliminates decision fatigue, and all the shiny objects. You should have a mindset of putting all of those things into action. Most importantly, remember that you’re human and that things happen, such as the change of season or sick days, and that it’s perfectly fine to change speed as long as you don’t change direction.

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Emma-Louise is a Business & Mindset coach for ambitious introverts, empaths & highly sensitive entrepreneurs, & host of The Ambitious Introvert Podcast. She works with new & established entrepreneurs & helps them start, grow & scale successful, sustainable online businesses

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