EasyWebinar Review What is the best platform to host webinars for your business
EasyWebinar Review: What is the best platform to host webinars for your business

Covid19 makes lots of us work from home. A handy webinar platform tool has become a must for your business – it is the most straightforward and interactive way to engage with your customer. With an easy-to-use webinar platform, you can conduct your courses, go live, etc. Since webinars might be a new concept for some of you, you might be wondering which platform to choose. In this EasyWebinar review, you will explore more about EasyWebinar, a tool that I have been using for my business in this article. 

EasyWebinar Review

EasyWebinar review

What is EasyWebinar? 

EasyWebinar is a full Webinar suite/an interactive webinar platform with which you can do no-latency live streaming, event scheduling, co-hosting, and automated webinar building. It aims at boosting sales and marketing for businesses of all sizes. You can host all kinds of live Webinars with EasyWebinar, including Live Webinars, Automated Webinars, Wummits, Hybrid Events, Encore Events, Create Simple Replay Pages and more. Also, EasyWebinar automatically creates the registration page, thank you page, the email follow-up, social share feature, event page, and the event replay. So it actually saves so much time for an entrepreneur! 

EasyWebinar Features

EasyWebinar review features

Live Webinars

EasyWebinar provides high-quality live webinars with no delay streaming or buffering. It also provides you with real-time chat so that you can easily engage with your community. In case that someone from your business cannot make it to the meeting, you can record and archive any webinar sessions. To make your meeting more engaging, you can make any attendee a co-presenter. They can use their camera, microphone, or share their screen. Also, you can simultaneously stream live on multiple social media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube with EasyWebinar’s EasyCast feature. There is also no need for you to be concerned about the background noise because EasyWebinar uses the TrueVoice technology that reduces noises to the minimum, you can even try speaking with another person at the same time, you won’t be hearing any noises! 🙂 And lastly, security is always a concern for today’s cyberworld, so EasyWebinar implements the DOLBY service that is encrypted using industry-standard protocols. 

Automated Webinars 

Evergreen Webinars are pre-created, automated webinar funnels that you can use to onboard customers, create courses, run automated sales funnels and more. Evergreen Webinars will help you to reach out to larger and broader audiences from different time zones. The right-on-time feature ensures that your audience does not need to wait for the next live streaming: if your customer visits your page at 10 am, they will immediately see a prompt for the next webinar starting at 10:15 am. The 15 min increment will boost your attendant number to its maximum. EasyWebinar also provides you with advanced analytic reports for your live and automated webinars. You will gain all kinds of information about the attendance: who showed up, how long they stayed, how many people replayed your video, and if they clicked on an offer. As an entrepreneur, it is extremely important for you to understand your target audience, so having such an analytic report is a must. 

EasyWebinar Pricing 

EasyWebinar pricing

EasyWebinar has three different pricing plans that you can choose from: Standard, Pro, and Enterprise. All of them offer a free 14-day trial so that you can navigate the tool and see if it suits your business. The standard plan costs 78 dollars per month, the pro plan costs 129, and the enterprise plan is a bit more pricey (499). However, there are awesome standard features that are included in all packages: hi definition, no-latency streaming, unlimited hosted replay and automated webinar recordings, live real time chat for both public and private, webinar reminder emails for both before and after webinar, unlimited automated/evergreen webinar sessions… 

Depending on the size of your business, you can choose how much you want to invest in the plan. The standard plan allows 100 live attendees and unlimited automated webinars with up to 100 simultaneous attendees per webinar. So it is an affordable and ideal plan for small-scale businesses. The pro plan ensures 500 live attendees attend your webinar at the same time, and you can create unlimited automated webinars with up to 500 simultaneous attendees per webinar.

Also, you will unlock the custom fields from the registration page feature, which generates content from the information on the EasyWebinar registration page so that you can gain better insights on your audiences. If you have a very large business and want to host webinars of up to 2,000 live attendees, you should definitely go for the enterprise plan. Apart from the super smooth, high-quality live engine, EasyWebinar provides you with EliteWebinarMastery Full Course. This is a training package for you to become a webinar expert. You will also get a dedicated account rep who will help you to audit your webinar funnels and provide you with the most instant and quality support possible. 

EasyWebinar Pros

EasyWebinar create webinars
  • easy to customize, use, and set up 
  • awesome customer support
  • lots of tutorial videos 
  • you can run live easily 
  • you can co-host with multiple presenters
  • webinar funnel available in 100+ languages
  • reasonable price with no contract required
  • can always record and save live sessions for reuse 

EasyWebinar Cons 

  • there is only one general live chat area so it might be a problem when you interact with large crowds. 
  • no whiteboard for you to draw or write 
  • cannot minimize your slides while presenting 
  • cannot preview changes in the webinar funnel page editing
  • you have to download the app otherwise you webcam video won’t be supported
  • The in house email templates might be difficult to edit; more templates would be ideal
  • lack of detailed reporting or stats on the webinar and attendance
  • a chrome extension is required  


EasyWebinar is especially useful during the pandemic. You can run workshops and courses easily online, both synchronous and asynchronous. Considering the trend of open education resources and online teaching and learning, EasyWebinar might be a good investment for you to offer courses and consultations. What’s your experience with online courses? How do you find EasyWebinar and/or other webinar platforms? Leave a comment and we will help you to compare and make a wise decision. 



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