GrowthMentor Get unlimited 1 on 1 Mentorship from Startup & Marketing Mentors
GrowthMentor review: Get unlimited 1:1 Mentorship from Startup & Marketing Mentors

Whether you’re starting out as a budding startup founder or marketer, finding out how to develop yourself may seem daunting. It’s also an issue where a lot of the time, finding the right guidance, mentor, and high quality advice is something that’s easier said then done, especially taking into consideration the typical fees per hour. GrowthMentor is an online mentorship marketplace that’s all about making access to high-quality advice and mentor all the more easier. This GrowthMentor review will cover the basics of what GrowthMentor does, a breakdown GrowthMentor’s pricing plan and a general review of GrowthMentor and whether or not it’s worth the price of membership.

GrowthMentor Review

What is GrowthMentor?

Growth mentor review

At its core, Growthmentor is a mentorship platform dedicated to connecting startup founders and or marketers with expert consultants from various different specific sectors and areas for growth advice sessions. It’s a monthly membership for a service seeking to phase out the old way of getting consultations via getting rid of redundancies like cold emails and instead directly allowing people to find and contact specific consultants immediately instead. 

GrowthMentor Features

On-Demand Calls

The main draw of a GrowthMentor membership is their community; pay a monthly fee to get access into a large pool of mentors of various entrepreneurs, marketers, startups, and so on for a direct 1:1 guidance call. GrowthMentor’s platform provides a super easy way to find the right mentor for you, just by browsing through their list of mentors, filter the list by the exact key experience, knowledge and skills that would be helpful to you and send them a session request. That’s it. It’s that simple. Without really putting much effort, you’ll be able to find high quality mentors and guidance so for what GrowthMentor sets out to do, they’ve 100% delivered.

Monthly Coaching

If you’re looking for something more than a 1:1, one-time counselling, GrowthMentor also provides a monthly coaching session. In the same way you search up mentors for a one-time guidance call, you search, filter and find the mentor that you need, see if they offer a coaching package and simply pull up a request. 

The arrangements vary by the specific mentors themselves, but in essence the platform works a similar way. For long-term growth, this is quite the valuable offer that you might not want to pass up on.

Become A Mentor

For those looking to be a mentor rather than to look for one, GrowthMentor facilitates, though it is quite strict. To qualify as a mentor, you’d have a proven track record/5 years of experience, strong interpersonal skills while being friendly and the humility/willingness to learn to match.  

Mentors of GrowthMentor can benefit from strong personal brand building, networking and testimonial collections, and project referrals. You can set your own availability and offer special coaching packages of your own design. To be successful, you have to provide your knowledge, insight and experiences and to help guide your mentees by giving them the confidence and ideas on how to grow.

One key thing to note, that to be a mentor, you’ll need to have to look beyond the monetary returns. Many of their mentors offer their time for free, and see the experience not just as a means of getting money but instead to give back to their community and develop their own personal brands instead. It’s a very strict process, but for this same reason GrowthMentor’s community is that of a high quality one.

How I use GrowthMentor

Growthmentor mentors review

I love the idea of GrowthMentor and how you can get an unlimited number of sessions with seasonal entrepreneurs and experts. I have had multiple sessions with different mentors and have learned a lot in areas such as Facebook ads, Product Market Fit, content creation, SEO and others. 

For new entrepreneurs and startup founders, this is a great platform to get the one-on-one attention and get your burning questions answered. Even if you are a seasoned entrepreneur, talking to mentors through GrowthMentor is great to help you network, brainstorm and grow in areas that you might not be as familiar with. 

I truly enjoy using this platform and excited to see what new features, new networking opportunities and new mentors being added to the platform and community. 

GrowthMentor Pricing

Growthmentor review pricing

GrowthMentor really only has ‘one’ type of package; it includes access and request to mentors, unlimited calls with ‘free’ listed mentors, monthly coaching, support, Slack Community access, and partner discounts. 

It’s priced at $75/mo, but paid quarterly to about $225 per quarter. Alternatively, you can have the $50/mo package that’s priced at $500 yearly (33% cheaper). There are no differences between what each package has, just that the frequency and amount charged different depending on what you pick.

GrowthMentor Pros

  • The platform is very easy to use and places the user’s importance at the heart of the system. You are in control of finding the right mentor’s for you, the right type of session for you, and in addition to the various mentors GrowthMentor itself has support contact team ready to assist as well.
  • For what you pay and what you get, there’s an incredible community and selection of mentors that are all there to support and help you grow. And considering the pricing model of other mentors that typically charged by the hour, what you’re paying for via the membership’s honestly gives you an insane value at a much more palatable price.
  • There are new features being added to GrowthMentor constantly and now, there is a new feature to access the community of fellow mentees of GrowthMentor. You can communicate with others to network, get backlinks, brainstorm and more.

GrowthMentor Cons

  • Although the value for the price is quite noteworthy, it’s still important to keep in mind that a $75/mo membership is still quite steep, or even more steep than other memberships available. And considering it is paid quarterly or annually, it’s a hefty price to be paid upfront that not everyone is readily available to cough up.
  • The entire process of finding the right mentor, preparing what you want to consult about, preparing yourself to grow and the calls itself is a huge time sink and opportunity cost. It’s a long, time-consuming process and if you’re not ready to put in the time investment/not ready to actually push yourself, the opportunity cost in addition to the already steep monthly membership may or may not be worth the time and money.


GrowthMentor’s a very good solution for online consultation and mentorships; giving you access for personalised consultation experiences by finding the right mentor and the right type of session just in a helpful environment to truly help you grow. 

There’s not many that are like GrowthMentor or offer a greater service than it, but you do have to keep in mind that the mentor opportunities are truly something you need to be seriously invested in. 

If you aren’t ready to grow, not ready to spend the time and money, it may not be for you, but otherwise, for startup founders and marketers, it’s one of the greater coaching and mentoring platforms out there.



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