How to grow on audio platforms for your online business with Juliet Hahn
How to grow on audio platforms for your online business with Juliet Hahn
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This is an interview with Juliet Han. She is a wife, a mother, a coach, a public speaker, a podcaster, a content developer, and a dog lover. Her next stop with Juliet Han podcast was initially born to help people cope with the craziness that life serves up and season. And they will talk about how to grow your audio podcast.

She has worked as a virtual health and fitness coach in the past. She had previously participated in two college sports. When she began podcasting in 2019, she discovered her passion. She was determined to help others and have them inspired by the episodes.

You can create a business out of so many things  that most people are unaware of. It is helping individuals in beginning to write a book or start a podcast. Her workshop assists people in identifying their creative passion, determining what it is, and turning it into a business, so the two go hand in hand. It gives them some useful tips on how to go to the next stop.

For podcasting, she suggested clubhouse. She runs a club called club pod, and she’s live there every Tuesday and Wednesday sharing tips. She also encourages others to discuss their business ideas, self-promote, and contribute something positive. The reason she does everything is so that others may talk about what they’re doing. Aside from that, a new app called fireside has been introduced. It’s a totally new and different audio platform, and there will be video as well, which will be beneficial. 

As she stated, Clubhouse is an incredible networking tool. It’s a place where you can learn new things and meet new people. We lost the connection due to covid, but we can re-establish it through social media. Podcasting, on the other hand, allows you to hear someone’s authenticity.

She offers a free ebook on how to grow your clubhouse. People can be intimidated at times, but in order to improve, you must learn how to raise your hand, stand on a stage, and ask questions since it will help you step beyond your comfort zone. There are certain rooms in the clubhouse that will let you promote yourself, they’re getting your name out and adding value to it.

Juliet recorded her workshop or zoom for a discovery assessment. To remind her who she assisted and how she was effective in assisting that person, as well as what she might be able to add to her next client.

In business, there are a lot of topics you can choose from. You start looking and going into big and small rooms because there might be seven people in there, it might be little but they need you. A room where people can listen, ask questions, or answer rooms. Through clubhouse and linkedin, she connects with people and expands her network.

Furthermore, a morning routine is also important. You get up five minutes earlier, put a glass of water, tips on how to get yourself out of bed and how to brain dump are some examples she’s always on. She doesn’t intend to do it every day, but rather as a guide.

???? Juliet Hahn is a Wife, Mom, Coach, Public Speaker, Podcaster, Content Creator and a crazy obsessed dog lover.
Your Next Stop with Juliet Hahn Podcast was initially born to help people cope with the craziness that life serves up. Season 1 Next Stop Crazytown features stories from Juliet’s life and aspires to be that 10-20 minute escape we all need during our crazy and unpredictable day. Season 2, Love What You Do series, features people who have followed a passion or hobby and turned it into a career! These 30 minute episodes are inspiring and will get you thinking!

Your Next Stop Workshop was born directly from season 2 of Your Next Stop podcast. With this online course, Juliet will help you tap in to your creative passion and turn it into a career.

Juliet and her husband Dan call Remsenburg, New York their home. Their three children and two boxers, love living in this beautiful beach community and love being part of Juliet’s Crazytown.

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???? Free gifts from Juliet:
Free eBook from Juliet to start to see the differences you can achieve in your life. She included her favorite recipes, my daily routine, a daily planner for you to use AND much more! Also 5 things she did to grow on Clubhouse, 10 things she learned starting a podcast, 5 things rebranding, 5 things starting an online course.


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