How unconscious limiting beliefs create negative emotions and derail us with Thomas Wurm
How unconscious limiting beliefs create negative emotions and derail us with Thomas Wurm

This is an interview with Thomas Wurm. He helps heart-centered entrepreneurs release the root cause of their anxiety to rescue their businesses from failure. He uses mental, emotional release coaching, and quantum physics in his program called the passion enterprise accelerator.

The interview discusses how unconscious limiting beliefs create negative emotions and derail us from what we can and what we truly want in life. Also, the ways to reprogram ourselves so we can achieve the abundance we deserve.

One of the main techniques he uses is a mental and emotional release that involves our subconscious timeline. This is retracing our steps back to the first time we were enraged. It’s going back in time to learn a lesson because it alters the emotional charge. As a result, the previous baggage will be released, and you will be able to recover. He said that we would improve our future by changing our past, not physically but in a mental, emotional, and spiritual sense.

The anxiety begins when all is not congruent, and this is where the anxiety appears. You begin to doubt yourself and your ability. And the way to overcome this is to communicate with our highest selves or a better version of ourselves.

Thomas said that in an entrepreneur’s life comes a big passion for a project or a new direction in business.  Expectedly, there will be a great deal of work to be completed. As a result, when you meditate, you will feel guilty that you haven’t done enough. And the worst part is that you do not even realize you’re procrastinating or being afraid right before you do it. And there’s a telltale sign that there’s some baggage inside that mental and emotional body that needs to be dealt with.

When something is out of sync with your mental and emotional bodies, it may be a long-held belief, sadness, or fear. When you become aware of all the things that are obstructing your path internally, you will notice changes in your physical energy.

If you’re working with yourself, you’ll connect by meditation and calming your mind. Start speaking to your body because your neurology and nervous system contain all of the stuck energy, limiting beliefs, and negative emotions.

The first step in meditation is to calm the mind. Go to the abyss of emptiness. Do it for at least an hour, preferably thirty minutes. The second method is journaling, which can be a checklist about what you need to do in your business the next day or just writing anything. It comes in a variety of forms. It will be the goal setting for what has to be done and what is not.

Furthermore, he said that as an entrepreneur, one must learn how to align things because if not, those obstacles will keep on showing up again and again until you know the lesson. So, you’ve got to do your work internally as entrepreneurs. Otherwise, the business isn’t going to work out as well. This is probably the most spiritual activity you could ever do because you’re taking an idea, and you’re manifesting it into physical reality.

Thomas said that thoughts are very important, and it is real, they do have form. And if you want to see a successful future ahead, you will probably need to go into the past and do a little work of your baggage. It is a process of learning how to open your heart center and create a higher vibration in your body.

He shared some daily routine tips, beginning with drinking water first thing in the morning to keep your brain hydrated and stimulate your creative juices. The second step is to visualize, which can be done by meditation, exercise, or breakfast. There are also times during the day when we can nap and times when we should be concentrating on the web, creating content, or prioritizing work. He recommends the circadian rhythm.

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Thomas wurm helps heart-centered entrepreneurs release the root cause of their anxiety so they can rescue their business from failure. Thomas uses Mental-Emotional Release, coaching, and quantum physics in his program called The Passion Enterprise Accelerator 

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