Overcoming imposter syndrome to build your dream business as a mom with Michelle Hon
Overcoming imposter syndrome to build your dream business as a mom with Michelle Hon

This is an interview with Michelle Hon, the founder of the mom boss academy, the author, and the host chill mom boss podcast. She is an entrepreneur, a motivational speaker, and the mother of three adorable young children. At mom boss academy, she assists moms like her in starting and scaling online businesses. 

Imposter syndrome is the feeling of doubting yourself whether you are good enough of what you do especially to entrepreneurs. This is something that a lot of people in the public eye have to deal with. She believes this is true at any stage of every business.  Particularly, if you’re getting bigger, the larger the imposter syndrome gets.

She explained that it’s so easy to get caught up in the comparison game, where you’re doing the same thing as someone else, but they’re doing so much better. The reason she always told her students or members of Mom Boss Academy that it’s okay to unfollow people in your own industry. To refrain from comparing yourself and shiny objects that will cause you not to focus on your lane. She is open with the idea of following other entrepreneurs outside of your industry to get an idea of what they do but stay away from following your own competitors because it is always better to carve your own path in your industry.

Also, when on stage, what she learned from speaking is to stop thinking about how others judge you. Instead, center your attention on your presentation because they are not there to criticize you. They are there to get value from you. If you shift your focus on that positive outlook of giving them some learnings, you will forget about your insecurities, judgment, and other stuff clouding your mind.

Furthermore, when you introduce yourself in a crowd, you can attract your own people. It’s difficult to stand out in a crowd, but remember to stay tuned to yourself. Discover your own personal style, and don’t put too much pressure on yourself to make your presentation flawless because no one is perfect, and what matters is how you handle and manage things. 

Her imperfection led other people to work with her more because it reminds them that they can be just their imperfect selves and still be successful. It’s a nice reinforcement that happened to her. She added, it is impossible to achieve a perfect website, perfect every single part of your business. So, start with yourself and don’t be pressured by social media. Do what you want and not by what the environment dictates you do.

So, if you have an idea, share it with people and speak to them about it. You will validate it by sharing it with the right people. It’s like getting knowledge from the counsel of many.

Self-care to her means knowing what makes you light up beside your business. As a mom, it’s time with her children. And if you are someone single, maybe your significant other or could be your business. Since there is no such thing as a perfect recipe, always go for what makes you happy.

Don’t fall into the hustle mentality and try to balance everything. She believes in mind over matter because what you believe in will come true.

???? Michelle Hon is the founder of MomBoss Academy, author of The Chill Mom, host of The Chill MomBoss podcast, entrepreneur, speaker and mother of 3 young children who lives in Singapore. She helps moms start and scale their online business at Momboss Academy.

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