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The Three steps to find your True Passion with Sammi Beatrice

Sammi wears many hats, she is the CEO of a  social media marketing agency, Sammi beatrice marketing, runs her own podcast, and is a public speaker. She brings her expertise and insight on social media, motivation and productivity to this next interview.

In 2019 she started her own podcast that takes motivational speakers and breaks down their messages so teens and younger people can understand them. It is called “Fashion your Passion.” Through listening to motivational speakers Sammi became inspired to help others by starting her business and podcast. At the same time, she is balancing her college classes with the demand for her services.

“I haven’t really done it as a real job before but I fell in love with social media management and just helping others.”

Sammi shares three steps with us

The first step was about finding your passion. “You have the energy to just do anything you like. I have been waking up at four or five in the morning by accident honestly. But when I come on calls like this, I get energized.”

It is something that she loves talking about and helping others discover for themselves. 

Sammi also shared her own experience.

“I didn’t know what I wanted to focus on. Yet i’m doing a bunch of things, but i don’t know what my end goal is with all of this, and doing things just to do them to see how they turn out, and so I think the biggest piece with that is just doing more, and i don’t mean like adding more tasks to your to-do list, but doing like adventures and activities and stuff like that.”             

Don’t be afraid to try new things and follow the things that make you excited and want to wake up in the morning. There might be 8 things you want to do and no clear one thing you have settled on. However, many people shy away from trying many different career paths and lock themselves into a tunnel. Many people end up in unhappy career choices because they were afraid to follow their passion and try new things.

‘It’s, not like a thing: it’s a feeling, and so once you have that feeling for something run with it, and then you’ll, see that it can turn into something else, or it can lead you to A different passion, so just sort of you know playing with what you got right now. I would say you know, use what you got with.”

Step number two is to realize. Realize that you are passionate about different things and that will change and morph overtime.

Another important point she brought up was not to be afraid to let your passions and interests change. It will as we grow older, move to new places and meet new people. Our environment shapes us and can redirect our desires and careers.

Even so, Sammi pointed out that passions do not equal careers. Many people think that by following my passion that it is going to be a life work and the only thing I will be doing. However, your passions can be anything that interests you and you can explore multiple at the same time.

“The dictionary literally says that passion is the thing that makes you happy it. Doesn’t, say the career that makes you happy. Doesn’t, say your future career. That makes you happy it. Doesn’t say any of that.”

Step three is taking your energy and putting into your passion 100%.

“ Passion when you are passionate about something you have a certain energy in you, you have a certain feeling in you and when you take that energy and you just go full force into whatever you’re passionate about it brings a whole new perspective on your life.”

“You’re, putting more wood on your fire, but each day where you don’t believe in yourself, where you don’t, believe your potential, where you don’t, believe you can do anything with your passion.”

Make sure to keep self doubt in-check is something we all struggle with. Every time we tell our selves we can’t do something or that we are not good enough, it just builds until we cal lose all hope for a certain goal or mission in life. Sammi’s passion is seeing other people succeed and helping others achieve their goals. Her passion is also flexible as it can take many forms of jobs and interests. By taking her desire to see others succeed she can take that passion and apply it across all her fields of work. Whether it is public speaking, podcasts, or her marketing agency,

Sammi will always have that passion at the center of everything she does. That is one of the big take aways from this interview. Don’t put your passion into a box and think it can only apply to one thing in life. Realize your potential and get rid of negativity.

“The biggest thing is just to like just kill all the self-doubt kill, everything that is holding you back and just run. I always say: imagine like there’s like a wildfire, going on right behind you and you got ta run away from it.”

One of the final takeaways from Sammi was that we should not be critical of ourselves. If we don’t get to something one day it’s ok. “ i think it’s, really just giving yourself grace and realizing that there is another day ahead of you. It’s, not today’s, not the last day. Today’s, not the end of the world um, and so allowing yourself to just like just be because we are humans.”

Combining this with a positive mindset and getting rid of self-doubt, we can all achieve the success and passion we are looking for. People like Sammi are there to help other people realize their potential and not let the expectations of other people or themselves throw water on their dreams and passions.

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 Sammi Beatrice is the CEO of Sammi Beatrice Marketing, the host of the Fashion Your Passion Podcast, motivational speaker and she is still in college.
Sammi strives to help entrepreneurs and small businesses become more productive and really let their passion shine through. Additionally, she helps teens and young adults find their passion and create it into something magical.

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